SHURE PGA 58 XLR dynamic vocal microphone


SHURE PGA 58 draws handfuls from legendary SM 58

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SHURE PGA58 XLR dynamic vocal microphone

SHURE PGA 58 XLR dynamic vocal microphone, is a professional-quality solution that delivers the highest quality sound,
with a very durable design. Ideal for lead vocals or backing vocals.
The PGA 58 XLR is equipped with a discreet switch and comes with a tripod holder,
soft cover and XLR cable.

  • Transducer type : Dynamic
  • Directionality chart: CardioidDirectional characteristics with the best reception of signals coming in front of the microphone and weaker from itssides. This also results in less susceptibility to feedback in high-volume environments. See more Gotodictionary
  • Transmission band: 50 Hz - 16 kHz
  • Weight: 294 g

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