Active stage speaker sets
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Active stage speaker sets

Active stage kits are a complete sound system dedicated to specific applications. Here we use the criterion of the number of people to handle the sound system. We offer sound systems from 25 people to several hundred from small events and events to large outdoor events. These sets consist of active and passive columns, but do not require the use of separate power tips. Active stage columns and loudspeaker sets are today's most popular equipment for professional use. The convenience of using active (power amplifier-equipped) loudspeakers is undeniable. The absence of thick speaker cables and the power tip directly in the column also significantly reduces the cost of the entire sound system. In this section we present mainly sound equipment in which we specialize such companies as JBL, YAMAHA, HK Audio, WHARFEDALE and ld systems. They are excellent companies producing columns with the highest acoustic performance and quality. The offer in our shop on Alfonso Miner 9A is the largest in Silesia and allows you to make the best choice.

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