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The GAMUZ company has been operating in Katowice since 1991.

The current commercial offer includes retail and wholesale of musical instruments and accessories, public address and disco equipment as well as installation services.

The full range of keyboards from ROLAND, Yamaha, CASIO, GEWA and others is on sale. You can always choose a guitar from the current offer of about 200 models of world tycoons and Polish luthiers. We have guitars such brands as FENDER, G&L, TRIBUTE, HOFNER, IBANEZ, Yamaha, ALHAMBRA, ADMIRA, SANCHEZ, MAYONES, EMP ... in stock. The number of accessories and strings for guitars is impressive. All available strings on the Polish market are always in stock and in all sizes. You can buy any guitar pickup, tuner, horn and everything that is currently available on the market. This guitarist paradise is complemented by guitar combos from companies such as FENDER, HUGHES & KETTNER, HARTKE, RANDALL, Yamaha, BOX ELECTRONICS, MONACOR and others. attach every cube or processor of companies such as BOSS, ZOOM, DIGITECH to each combo and try it out with your chosen guitar .. More demanding customers can also see and check the operation of the legendary combo from the Custom Shop by FENDER VIBRO KING.

The GAMUZ music store is a kingdom of classical instruments. Grand pianos, classical and electronic pianos, wind, string and percussion instruments. At the outset, after entering the store, you can see the unique offer of tin and wooden instruments: trumpets, saxophones, trombones, flutes, clarinets ... Companies are, of course, AMATI, CONN, LEBLANC , SELMER, JUPITER, ARMSTRONG, PEARL, HOLTON, MURAMATSU, BACH, Yamaha and others. Electronic pianos are popular models of ROLAND, YAMAHA, CASIO, KAWAI, and GEWA. You will also find accessories for string instruments from screw to frog, through bristles and rosin strings. For wind instruments we will find a whole wealth of mouthpieces, reeds and other clothing. Percussion instruments are also complemented by the offer of parts such as bolts and drum springs, chock chains, etc. The choice of drum strings is stunning - all REMO, ATTACK, EVANS, AQUARIAN and POWER BEAT . Percussion cymbals, of course, complete: SABIAN, ZILDJIAN, PAISTE, ISTANBUL, UFIP, MEINL ... The novelty is the display of YAMAHA orchestral percussion instruments: marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, orchestral bells ... It's worth being in the store to see it.

Specialists in acoustics and sound systems as well as DJ and LJ can also make their dreams come true here. The HK AUDIO, KME, JBL, Mackie, LDM, Yamaha and LD Systems loudspeakers are in permanent exhibition here. You can choose the SOUNDCRAFT stage or disco mixer, Yamaha, BEHRINGER, STANTON, DENON, Vestax, MONACOR and MACKIE. The studio's equipment includes a wide range of effect processors and digital devices. Vocalists will definitely choose a microphone from the full collection of SHURE, SENHHEISSER, AKG and LD Systems. At any time, you can become a viewer of the disco and see in action a real DJ showing the mastery of mixing on the equipment DENON, STANTON, AMERICAN DJ, Reloop, Vestax, MONACOR ... The presented disco devices from companies such as American DJ, Cameo, ROBE captivate with color and a wealth of effects.

In addition, we provide services and sale of IT equipment for the stage and music studio (sales and installation: computers, cards, printers, computer networks, specialized software).

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