SHURE PGA 31 TQG capacitive vocal microphone


PGA 31 provides the company's famous SHURE and does not empty the portfolio.


PGA 31 TQG SHURE Condenser Microphone
  • Special flexible counter-attack allows you to adjust the harness so that the microphone stays in place, whether you're a multi-instrumentalist or moving around the stage a lot
  • The electretelectret microphone is usually very small and similar to the capacitive design is very sensitive and provides a natural, aligned sound. See more Gotodictionary condenser microphoneCondenser microphones are more sensitive and provide a more even and natural sound. For their work they require power supply. See more Gotodictionary provides detailed sound
  • Thanks to cardioid directional characteristics, unwanted sounds from other sources do not enter the microphone. This provides better sound quality or a higher level of gain before feedback.
  • Flexible goose neck and adjustable allows for even more accurate microphone setting.

The included sponge suppresses the plozywne sounds, so that the sound remains clear and the speech easy to understand

  • The TA4F (TQG) connector is combined with all bodypack transmitters from SHURE
  • Compatible with various wireless systems from SHURE, recognized for ease of use and reliable operation
  • Frequency characteristics This isthe frequency range, from the lowest to the highest that the microphone can receive. See moreGo to the dictionary shaped to get great vocals
  • Legendary SHUREquality ensures durability and reliability at the highest level

  • Transducertype The transducer converts the sound wave into an electrical signal. The two most common types of transducers are dynamic and capacitive. See more Gotodictionary : Capacitive
  • Transmission band: 60 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity Specifiesthe level of signal that the microphone produces at a certain volume of sounds. See moreGo to dictionary (1 kHz): -50 dBV/Pa
  • Equivalent noise:

    28 dB(A)

  • Sound pressure:

    145 dB

  • Weight: 60 g
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