SHURE PGA 48 XLR dynamic vocal microphone


The SHURE pga 48 XLR microphone is specially adapted for speech and karaoke.

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SHURE PGA 48 XLR dynamic vocal microphone

DynamicDynamic Microphones with a simple and robust design can receive signals with a very high level of sound pressure. See moreGo to dictionary vocal microphone SHURE PGA 48 XLR is a professional quality tool, with durable design,
delivering excellent sound quality. Ideal for speech and karaoke applications. PGA 48 has a discreet
switch, tripod holder, soft case with zipper and XLR cable.

Transducer : Dynamic

  • Directionality chart:
  • Transmission band: 70 Hz - 15 kHz
  • Sensitivity Specifiesthe level of signal that the microphone produces at a certain volume of sounds. See moreGo to dictionary (1 kHz): -53.5 dBV/Pa / 2.1 mV/Pa
  • Weight: 300 g
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