SHURE PGA 181 XLR capacitive vocal instrumental microphone


PGA181 is an instrument microphone with a wide range of applications among acoustic instruments.

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SHURE PGA 181-XLR capacitive vocal instrumental microphone

PGA181 is a cardioid condenser microphone with a diaphragm facing the side. The soft characteristics and robust design deliver excellent sound quality. The incredible versatility of pga181 allows you to use this microphone in almost any situation, including reinforced instruments and vocals. Ideal for recording rehearsals or rehearsals on stage.

  • The specially designed capsule provides gentle and accurate sound reproduction while maintaining versatility when choosing a signal source.
  • Cardioid Directionality Characteristics with the best reception of signals reaching the front of the microphone and weaker from its sides. This also results in less susceptibility to feedback in high-volume environments. Directional characteristics allow you to collect sound directly from the source, rejecting unwanted signals from the outside.
  • Industrial design with black metallic finish.
  • Available with XLR cable (4.57m)
  • Tripod holder
  • Soft cover provides extra protection for storage and transport.
  • Legendary quality SHURE the highest quality in the most demanding conditions

  • Transducertype The transducer converts the sound wave into an electrical signal. The two most common types of transducers are dynamic and capacitive. See more Go to dictionary : Capacitive
  • Directionality chart:
  • Transmission band: 50 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity Specifiesthe level of signal that the microphone produces at a certain volume of sounds. See more Go to dictionary (1 kHz): -38 dBV/Pa / 12.7 mV/Pa
  • Weight: 383 g
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