SHURE BLX14RE wireless system for instrument/guitar rack


Wireless kit for rack instrument

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SHURE BLX14RE wireless system for instrument/guitar rack

Introduction to the professional quality of SHUREproducts, their durability, reliability and excellent sound.

BLX2 HandHeld Transmitter

  • LED light for power status and battery status.
  • Adjustable signal amplification level.
  • Quickly and easily synchronize transmission frequencies.
  • AA batteries (included) provide up to 14 hours of continuous operation.
  • Transmission range 100 m (300 ft) - (with direct visibility of transmitter with receiver)

BLX4R Receiver

  • One press of the QuickScan button results in an extremely fast search for the best free frequency (in case of interference)
  • Up to 12 compatible systems in a given frequency band (depending on country)
  • XLR and 1/4" output connectors
  • Two-color AUDIO STATUS LED
    • Green: Normal audio level
    • Red: Too high audio signal level (signal overload/clipping)
  • Adjustable output level
  • Detachable antennas to enable the use of a bulk antenna signal distribution system
  • Liquid crystal display with detailed RF and audio level meters
  • Included kit for mounting in 19-inch rack enclosures

Included accessories

  • Buckle for rack mounting, Part number: 53A8611
  • Long buckle for rack mounting, Part number: 53A8612
  • Connector Part Number: 53B8443
  • Mounting accessory kit, Part number: 90AZ8100
  • Rotary adapter, Part number: 90F4046
  • Thread Adapter, Part Number: 31B1856
  • 2x, Antenna / BNC, about 1/4 wavelength, Part number: 95A8699
  • 2x, Adapter, Connector, BNC, Part Number: 95A8994
  • Vinyl case with zipper, Part number: 95B2313
  • 2x, BNC cable, 56 cm, Part number: 95K2035
  • PS23 AC Adapter
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