SHURE BLX14E wireless set for guitar and instrumental microphones


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SHURE BLX14E wireless microphone for guitar and instrumental microphones

SHURE BLX14 combines professional quality, great sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface. Working in the UHF band, 8 frequency ranges and in any frequency range can work up to 12 sets, automatic frequency selection and synchronization with the transmitter, all devices operate in a "diversity" system ensuring continuity of transmission, signal output -symmetrical: XLR and unbalanced: jack, operating frequency lock, group AND channel number LED indicator in transmitter and receiver, audio LED in receiver indicating audio signal reception and signal controlled from transmitter, LED ready in receiver indicating transmitter switching, power and battery led indicator in transmitter ARC system improving sound, noise and interference reducer, smooth transmitter input sensitivity regulator, range approx. 91 m, transmitter power - 10 mW, system frequency band - 50Hz-15.000Hz, deviation - 33 kHz, dynamics - 100dB, transmitter power supply - 2 x AA cell (R6)- up to 14 hours of uninterrupted operation.

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