SHURE QLXD24E/B87A professional digital wireless system with capacitive microphone for BETA 87A


Wireless system with condenser microphone in hand

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Shure QLXD24E/B87A:

Manual wireless microphone system. The system includes a QLXD4 wireless system digital receiver for stable operation with clear, digital, 24-bit audio. It combines the features available in professional systems with ease of configuration and operation. QLXD4 offers unprecedented wireless functionality zaron stage, in conference rooms, in church rooms. Digital wireless technology from SHURE, allows the QLXD4 system to deliver accurate and clear sound in a wide band with flat characteristics. 72MHz frequency tuning band, more than 60 compatible channels in a given frequency range with automatic channel scanning. Synchronization between the transmitter and receiver via the infrared port. AES 256-bit encryption helps protect transmission from bystanders. Up to 60 dB adjustable audio gain. The peak level LEDs zarfor audio as well as radio signal I. Half-wave antenna disconnection, XLR output/mic/line switching. Durable aluminum construction with brushed finish. The system continues to include SHURE BETA87A vocal microphone, which has an extremely even frequency characteristic shaped from the angle of the vocals to ensure its warm and faithful sound. Supercardioid polarity characteristics guarantee maximum isolation from neighboring singers or instruments. It combines automatic frequency management with true diversity digital transmission technology to ensure consistent wireless reception and exceptional clarity of digital audio. Power supply, 2x AA battery, 2x 2 BNC antenna cable, bag, 2 BNC and rack mount accessories.

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