SHURE GLXD14E/SM35 Digital Wireless System with SM35 Headgeal Microphone


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Legendary wireless microphones

SM digital wireless systems SHURE an unparalleled combination of audio quality and exceptional reliability. These and many other features make them an industry standard in the field of professional audio. They are built to withstand the toughest working conditions on stage and in recording studios.

What types of receivers are available on sm digital wireless systems?

SM digital wireless systems are offered with digital wireless receivers that feature automatic frequency management with true diversity digital reception. This ensures uninterrupted reception of high-quality transmitted signals while achieving exceptional clarity of the digital audio signal.

How many musicians can use this system at the same time?

Depending on the mode of operation selected, up to 8 compatible channels can be used at the same time.

How does automatic frequency management work?

The digital wireless system uses LINKFREQ automatic frequency management to provide uninterrupted and crystal clear audio signals.

  • The receiver constantly analyzes the available frequency spectrum.
  • The receiver and transmitter automatically synchronize each other using a set of the best available frequencies.
  • In the event of interference, the receiver and transmitter will intelligently switch to the best free frequency at the same time without any impact on the transmission of the audio signal.
  • There are no buttons or controllers to adjust.

How can I charge the transmitter battery?

  • The digital wireless receiver has a special battery charging port.
  • In addition SHURE Digital Power Management offers a variety of charging solutions such as car, network or USB chargers.
  • Dedicated lithium-ion batteries SHURE up to 16 hours of continuous transmitter operation.
    • 3 hours of charging = up to 16 hours of operation
    • 1 hour charging = up to 6 hours of operation
    • 30 minutes of charging = up to 3 hours of operation
    • 15 minutes of charging = up to 1.5 hours of operation
  • Accurate measurement of battery charge in operating hours/minutes (+/- 15 minutes) displayed on lcd screen (GLXD4 only)
  • Multiple charging options are available:
    • Charging one battery:
      • Integrated charging port in GLXD4
      • SB902 GLX-D lithium-ion battery (sold separately)
    • Possibility to charge a spare battery during normal use of the system:
      • USB charger with SBC902 docking port (sold separately)
    • Charging the battery in the transmitter:
      • USB charging cable (included)
      • USB SBC-USB network charger (sold separately)
      • SBC-CAR USB car charger (sold separately)
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