SHURE BLX1288E/P31 DUAL wireless system with hand-to-hand microphone and headge

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The new PG Wireless series is the perfect introduction to the world of technical excellence SHURE. We have a choice of wireless systems for singers, guitarists, presenters, and headsets and versions with dual receivers (combos). The whole series has many durability and performance attributes that can be found in other SHURE at a very attractive price.
(New) PG Wireless is an analog wireless system with the best radio transmission quality and audio transmission band in its class. It provides up to 12 simultaneously operating microphones/transmitters in a single radio frequency group and has a free radio space scanner for quick microphone preparation.
  • LED power and battery status indicator
  • Adjustable gain control
  • Quick and easy frequency adjustment
  • AA batteries (included) provide up to 14 hours of continuous operation
  • Operating range 100 m (in line of sight)
  • Up to 12 radio compatible systems
  • Microprocessor-controlled internal diversity antennas
  • One Touch QuickScan locates the best slow radio frequency
  • 1/4" Jack and XLR audio outputs
  • Two-color LED sound level indicator
Dual receiver wireless system, dual set: 1 x BLX2 / PG58 + 1 x BLX1 + 1 x PGA31 + 1 x BLX88

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