SENNHEISER EW 365 G3 D Wireless Microphone

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The ew 365 g3 system is the essence of what the G3 300 series has to offer the best: advanced capacitive technology in combination with a dual-antenna receiver. The microphone is able to capture the smallest vocal details. The programmable MUTE function button in the microphone gives the user the decision on when the transmitter is to start working.

Characteristics of the set ew 365 g3:

- rugged housing - 42 MHz band and 1680 interference-free UHF frequencies - plus frequency banks with a capacity of up to 24 frequencies (presets) - ethernet port allowing the connection of WSM (Wireless Systems Manager) software that allows the system to be controlled by a computer and provides clear viewing and professional management of multi-channel systems. - high-quality dual-antenna reception - reduction of pilot tone noise to eliminate radio interference when the transmitter is switched off - auto-scan function allows you to search for free frequencies - increased transmission band - increased range and sensitivity level - wireless synchronization of transmitter parameters in the receiver - user-friendly and easy-to-use menus equipped with additional control functions - backlit display in the receiver also allowing reading of transmitter parameters - automatic auto-lock function Lock prevents accidental change of settings - HDX comparator for crystal clear sound - 4-stage battery reading on transmitter and receiver display - programmable MUTE function button on microphone housing - possibility to work with evolution series interchangeable modules - integrated Equalizer and Soundcheck modes - external contacts for charging ba 2015 battery in transmitter - a wide range of accessories allowing the system to adapt to any requirements available variants : - EW 365 G3-A-EU : 516...558 MHz - EW 365 G3-G-EU : 566...608 MHz - EW 365 G3-B-EU : 626...668 MHz - EW 365 G3-C-EU : 734...776 MHz - EW 365 G3-D-EU : 780...822 MHz - EW 365 G3-E-EU : 823...865 MHz

kit includes: - receiver in em 300 G3 rack housing - microphone-transmitter (super-cardioid, capacitive) SKM 300-865 G3 - microphone holder MZQ 1 - mounting accessories for rack GA 3 - NT power supply 2 - 2 antennas - 2 batteries 1.5V AA

Technical data:

Frequency range 516 ... 865 MHz Number of carrier frequenciesmax. 1680 Working Bandwidth42 MHz Peak Deviance Buy ew-365-g3 on 48 kHz Type of comparanderHDX Transmission band80 - 18000 Hz Signal /noise ratio> 115 dBA Harmonic distortion content< 0.9 % Compliance with ECJ standards 300422, ETS 300445, CE, FCC Antenna Connector2 x BNC, 50 Ohm Audio-XLR6.3mm Audio Output Level (Balanced)XLR: + 18 dBu Max Audio Output Level (Unbalanced)Jack: + 10 dBu Max Dimensions (Receiver)212 x 202 x 43 mm Weight (Receiver)980 g Transmitter Output Power10, 30 mW Buy ew-365-g3 at Transmitter operating time> 8 hours Dimensions (transmitter)diameter: 50 mm, length: 265 mm Weight (transmitter)450 g Type of transducer absorption electret SENSITIVITY AF1.6 mV/Pa Maximum sound intensity152 dB (SPL) Super-cardioidal characteristics

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