AKG WMS 420 INSTRUMENTAL wireless instrumental system


Wireless instrumental kit

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Microphone wireless system AKG WMS 420 Instrumental.

wireless kit: SR420 receiver, PT420 belt transmitter (1xAA to 8h), instrument cable, power supply, BNC connectors for possible installation, transmitter charging contacts, depending on the choice of subband (1.8-30MHz) -> 4to8 frequent to choose, RFout power 10-20-50mW.

  • Application: live stage, presentations, fixed installations
  • Receiver with antennas on BNC connectors with the possibility of connecting an external antenna installation
  • D5 professional vocal microphone capsule integrated in hand-held transmitter
  • Transmitters with charging contacts without removing batteries in an optional charger (CU400)
  • 4 to 8 frequencies for manual selection and up to 4-8 simultaneous operating frequencies without interference in several UHF subbands (30 MHz or narrower) available
  • RFout power of transmitters 10/20/50mW
  • Transmitter power 1 battery/aku AA up to 8 hours of operation
  • 40-20000Hz transmission audio band
  • Components for the construction of an external antenna system – standard antenna accessories AKG for series WMS4500/470/DMS700 – m.in. splitter PS4000w, four types of antennas two RA and two SRA2, power. ASU4000 cable, wzm. cable ab4000, passive splitter-sumator ZAPD21.

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