ld systems U508BPH wireless system with head microphone


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ld systems U508BPH wireless system with head microphone.

  • True Diversity UHF Radio Systems
  • Dynamic and capacitive microphones with vibration-dampening capsules
  • Also for wind instruments, guitars, with personal microphones and headsets
  • Automatic channel search
  • Simple one-touch synchronization of the transmitter with the receiver via infrared
  • Noise lock with pilot tone
  • Transmitter power can be switched (2, 10 or 30 mW)
  • Rugged housing
  • High-contrast OLED display

The U500® series is designed to meet the needs of all users. Professional sound, incredible performance and reliability at an affordable price were the priorities of our engineering team. We would like to delight you with our U50 0® series with the same passion with which you would like to delight the audience from the stage. We hope you love it the way we do – the new U500 wireless vocal kit® from ld systems.

With selectable transmitting power (max. 30 mW), the U500® vocal sets reach a range of more than 100 meters in free space. Three frequency bands are available: 584-608 MHz and 655-679 MHz, where it can operate 12 channels at a time, while six systems can be used simultaneously in the 823-832 MHz + 863-865 MHz range. UHF True Diversity wireless systems have an automatic search function that finds the best free frequency ora with easy setup along with the convenient function of synchronizing the transmitter with the receiver via infrared at the touch of a button.

High-contrast OLED displays provide an optimal overview of functions with information such as group, channel, frequency, signal strength, battery status. In addition, you can enter individual user names. In addition to the interference-free contract lock, the ineural tone of the transmitter's pilot provides work. The pilot tone protects against interference and mutes the receiver when receiving a wireless signal without this tone. The effective U500® with high-quality podzes, achieves precise and free of distortion/delay and artifact transmission. Low power consumption means that the transmitter lasts up to 10 hours on two AA batteries.

The U500® are available with hand-held transmitters, headsets, pinned microphones and single and dual receivers. Hand-held transmitters can also be flexibly adapted to vocals and speech thanks to removable microphone caps.

Overview of vocal set frequency ranges:

  • U505 // 584-608 MHz // 12 simultaneously operating systems
  • U506 // 655-679 MHz // 12 simultaneously operating systems
  • U508 // 823-832 MHz + 863-865 MHz // 6 simultaneously running systems
  • U506 UK (Channel 38) // 606 – 614 MHz // 6 simultaneously operating systems
  • U518 // 1785 – 1800 MHz // 4 simultaneously operating systems

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