SHURE SM58 SE dynamic vocal microphone to hand with switch

SM 58 SE

SM 58 SE this microphone everyone must have
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SHURE SM 58 SE dynamic vocal microphone for hand with switch

The legendary SM58® industry standard. It is an extremely versatile dynamic vocal microphone with cardioid characteristics, the sound of which has been shaped to achieve a clean and warm reproduction of vocals. The SM58 is always the primary choice for vocal applications around the world.

What is the best way to use the SM58 microphone?

It is an ideal choice for professional singers during various types of live performances. Its sound has been shaped to ensure the warmth and clarity of the main vocals and backing vocals. Even under extreme conditions, the SM58 allows you to get an extremely clear signal from the main sound source with minimal ambient interference. It is a model very popular with DJs and presenters in clubs and small and large concert halls.

Will this microphone meet the difficulties of touring?

The rugged design, proven anti-shake system and steel protective mesh make the SM58 work in the open as zarwell as indoors even with careful microphone treatment.


  • Frequency characteristicsIt is the frequency range, from the lowest to the highest that a microphone can receive.
  • Uniform cardioid frequency characteristics effectively isolate the main sound source and minimize ambient noise
  • Pneumatic anti-shake system to reduce interference from microphone operation
  • Built-in spherical pop and high-efficiency pop filter
  • Durable 180-degree tripod adapter included
  • Legendary quality, durability and usability of SHURE
  • Dynamic insert with cardioid (one-way) characteristics
  • Frequency characteristics: 50 to 15000 Hz


  • Transducer type : Dynamic
  • Directionality Chart: Cardioid
  • Transmission band: 50 Hz - 15 kHz
  • Sensitivity (1 kHz): -54.5 dBV/Pa / 1.88 mV/Pa
  • Weight: 298 g


  • Rotating tripod adapter
  • Cover
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SM 58 SE
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