SHURE KSM 8 B dynamic vocal microphone for hand


KSM 8B professional microphone for the best


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SHURE KSM 8 B dynamic vocal microphone for hand

The KSM8 Dual-m Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone is the world's first dynamic two-microphone designed for precise audio reproduction. The patented two-meter transducer virtually eliminates proximity effect,provides even greater separation from off-axis audio, and provides signal clarity and feedback control. przetwornik

What applications can KSM8 be used for?

KSM8 redefines dynamic microphone zarfor both artists and audio engineers. Virtually eliminates proximity effect and provides unparalleled accuracy in voice reproduction with minimal EQ correction and signal processing. It was created for use in large and complex sound systems. Providing absolute clarity, KSM8 sound is great for studio, stage and broadcas.


KSM8, thanks to its design, has a very wide sweet spot and by its two-frame construction provides full control over the proximity effect. In addition, the neutral frequency response in the middle and upper bands ensures that the microphone does not require advanced external processing, providing a compact, natural-sounding sound - regardless of the position of the microphone and the artist's setting.

KSM8 Sweet Spot

How is Unidyne III different from Dualdyne?

Transducer Unidyne III offers a single diaphragm with pneumatic transducer suspension. Advanced Dualdyne design technology derives from the use of a second membrane. In addition to the active diaphragm, a second passive diaphragm has been added, which is part of the signal pathway in the transducer, allowing you to completely control the proximity effect.

  • Patented przetwornik transducer consisting of two ultra-thin membranes (one active, the other passive) and a groundbreaking reverse airflow system, which achieves extraordinary regularity of cardioid directional characteristics throughout the transmission band.
  • Precise frequency response thanks to controlled proximity effect, which allows for a neutral frequency response in the middle and upper bands, resulting in the most natural-sounding dynamic microphone.
  • Attenuation of the signal from the outside of the microphone axis allows for unprecedented separation from unwanted sounds, resulting in increased clarity of vocals.
  • The two-cylinder transducer completely changes the design of the air suspension, which has been precisely designed and combined with the acoustic properties of this transducer.
  • The patented membrane stabilization system (DSS) protects and stabilizes the active membrane at risk of falls, bumps and explosive sounds, providing vital protection against high frequencies from handling noise.
  • The transducer's erroneous manufacturing method, which uses ultra-sonic and laser weldment, provides a best-in-class level of mechanical reliability.
  • The neodymium magnet is placed in the SoftMag aerospace material, which maximizes the magnetic field for maximum output.
  • The scratch-resistant, hardened metal-carbon grill is padded with a hydrophobic material to protect against explosive spills as well as from the wind - thereby properly providing protection against water.
  • Aluminum bodysuit with black or brushed nickel finish.

    • Transducer type : Dynamic
    • Directionality chart:
    • Transmission band: 40 Hz - 16 kHz
    • Sensitivity (1 kHz): -51.5 dBV/Pa / 1.85 mV/Pa
    • Weight: 330 g
    • Frequency characteristics:

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Reference: MIK.S.NXN8/C

Brand: SHURE

SHURE NXN8/C Kardioidalny dynamiczny mikrofon wokalny

The Nexadyne™ 8/C Dynamic Vocal Microphone is a cardioid dynamic microphone for professional live vocal performance, featuring patented Shure Revonic™ dual-engine transducer technology. The clean and natural cardioid pickup pattern of the Nexadyne 8/C allows vocals to easily reach every corner of the venue. Includes mic clip and carrying case. 

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