KORG OT-120 orchestra tuner-reed

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Orchestra tuner

Mood all acoustic instruments in the blink of an eye with the help of OT-120. It is a tuner from KORG, combining the accuracy of the needle meter and functionality thanks to a largeemu tuning range. All this is packed in a durable and nice looking case. This tuner has the following features:

• Chromatic tuner that detects sounds within 8 octas, i.e. all acoustic instruments.
• Dual indicators (needle meter and LCD display) provide excellent clarity when reading indications.
• The patented SOUND BACK mode plays the right sound closest to the tuned sound. The indicator shows us the difference between one sound and the other.
• Has the ability to tune historical scales.
• Transposition mode for wood wind instruments.
• 3 needle indicator modes (slow, medium, fast).
• 2 operating modes (automatic and manual).
• Playback of reference tones in the range of 5 octav.
• Wide calibration range (349 Hz-499 Hz).
• Built-in microphone.
• Suitable for use with optional CM-100 contact microphone for accurate tuning in noisy environments.
• Low power consumption (approx. 100 operating hours).
• Durable case included.

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