JUPITER JTR 1100(M) Trumpet B

JTR-1100 (M)
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JUPITER Trumpet Bb
Model JTR-1100M lacquered

Professional instrument for intermediate musicians.
It is ideal for music clubs, music schools and orchestras.
The JTR-1100M is a lightweight instrument with excellent sound quality.


  • Trumpet lacquered in costume B
  • Bran: 4.8" ( 123mm ) of yellow brass
  • Menzura: 0.460" ( 11.68mm )
  • Standard mouthpiece 7C
  • Brass mouthpiece and tuning tube
  • Stainless steel pistons
  • Adjustment of 1st and 3rd piston
  • Water flap on 1 piston
  • De Luxe case

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JTR-1100 (M)
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Reference: YTR 3335


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