SHURE PG27 xlr condenser studio microphone



SHURE PG27-LC studio microphone

PGA27 is a very sensitive microphone, with characteristics specially tailored for accurate reproduction of vocals and instruments. It provides natural and precise sound. Together with the included microphone holder, pga27 is great for producing high-quality recordings in your home studio.

PGA27 is a capacitive microphone with cardioid directionality characteristics with a membrane facing the side of the case, which is characterized by specially tailored frequency characteristics to ensure a natural reproduction of vocal sound and amplified and acoustic sources. A wide range of applications makes the microphone universal zarin the studio as well as on stage. Requires phantom power.

  • Capsule with large diaphragm provides a wide dynamic range This is the difference between the silentest and loudest sound, which can receive the microphone for a clean top and a strong bottom
  • Cardioid Directionality Characteristics with the best reception of signals reaching the front of the microphone and weaker from its sides. This also reduces the susceptibility to feedback in high-volume environments, allowing you to easily collect sound straight from the source and reject all unwanted sounds at the same time.
  • Industrial design with black metallic finish, makes the microphone does not irritate the eye with its presence.
  • The high-pass filter allows additional control over the unwanted part of the band.
  • Switchable silencer -15 dB provides additional functionality
  • Tripod adapter and zipper case included
  • Legendary logo-signed quality SHURE the highest quality of work in the most demanding conditions

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