Yamaha YRA 312B III straight alto flute F

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Yamaha YRA 312B III straight alto flute F

The 300 Series offers a complete flute scale of the best
from sopranos to bass. All these instruments provide
rich sound, being due to abs constructions
easy to maintain. Due to rocks, tone expressions
and excellent game quality, these flutes are fully comparable to the more expensive,
wooden models. Flutes of the 300 series, having an arched
wind path for better breath control and a clean, focused tone,
are for more advanced players.


straight alto flute in outfit F
arched air inlet for better breath control and improved sound clarity
in a very nice zippered cover
made of ABS plastic
included: cut-out, grease for fast components and table of grips
Baroque fingering system / double holes
finish: rosewood simulation

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