Roland BK 3 keyboard keyboard instrument

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Roland BK 3 keyboard keyboard instrument

Ideal for solo performers and hobbyists playing at home,
BK-3 Backing Keyboard Brings A Whole New Quality to Instrument Play
with auto-accompaniment. Including an extensive library
high-quality sounds and rhythms, a USB memory player, built-in speakers, and
many other possibilities, this portable and fully equipped keyboard enhances the power of
the whole team under your fingers. From one-person teams to personal exercises,
The BK-3 will provide you with countless hours of great entertainment during
all styles of music.


  • Keyboard: 61 keys (dynamic)
  • Keyboard modes: Whole, Split, Dual
  • Display type: 132 x 64 points, Graphical monochrome LCD (backlit)
  • Maximum Polyphony: 128 votes
  • GM2/GS/XG Lite compatible sound module
  • Sounds: 851 + 53 Drum Kits
  • Multitimbral: 2 keyboard parts (UPP, LWR) + 16 part for songs
  • Tune between 415.3 and 466.2 Hz
  • Transposition: -6 to +5 halftones (for audio/MIDI data)
  • Tempo changes: 20 to 250 BPM for SMF and rhythms, time stretch 75 to 125% for mp3 and WAV files
  • Accompaniments: 250 in 5 categories "Rhythm" (rhythms for each geographical region are located in categories WORLD 1 and WORLD 2)
  • Recognized playback formats: accompaniments (STL), SMF (Format 0/1), KAR, mp3, WAV
  • One Touch Memory: 4 matching sounds for each beat (Programmable)
  • On-board editing tools: Rhythm and SMF Makeup Tools
  • Track Mute For Rhythms/SMF (disable single midi channels)
  • Center Cancel function for mp3/WAV
  • Record real-time audio to a USB stick. Write format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear)
  • Metronome: 1 meter to 32/16, 1 to 32/8, 1 to 32/4, 1 to 32/2
  • Performance memory: unlimited number (depending on the amount of space on the USB stick)
  • Over 500 "Music Assistant" memory (internal memory)
  • 5 memory "Factory Song" (internal memory)
  • Performance memory in one list: up to 999
  • Search function: Quickly locate accompaniments and songs on a connected USB stick
  • View lyrics on the internal display
  • :Phone/Output Jacks: 1/4" phone type (TRS), USB COMPUTER port (Type B, MIDI reception and data transmission), USB MEMORY port (Type A, data savers), MIDI IN, MIDI OUT (Visual Control function), Foot Pedal jack: HOLD/SWITCH (assigned)
  • 2 x 10 cm speakers, estimated output power 2 x 7.5 W
  • Power supply :AC power supply
  • Auto Off function
  • Accessories: User Manual, AC Power Supply, Power Cord (for ac power supply connection), Note Panel
  • Optional accessories (sold separately): flash USB Stick (M-UF Series), Wireless USB Adaptor (WNA1100-RL), Pedal|: DP Series, Foot Switch: BOSS FS-5U,
  • Size and weight (not including power supply and desktop) 1,044 mm x 317 mm x 129 mm; 7.5 kg
  • Size (including desktop) 1,044 mm x 408 mm x 318 mm

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