Yamaha YG-2500 orchestral ringtones

DZWON.Y. YG-2500
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YAMAHA YG-2500 orchestral ringtones

The YG-2500 uses newly patented, high-quality carbon steel,
subjected to a special heat treatment to obtain a clean, clear sound
and a special suspended line system, increasing sustain and maximizing resonance.
The model also has a damping system and a built-in frame with height adjustment,
thanks to the supporting air system supporting the entire structure.

- Dimensions: 106cm x 85cm x 56cm
Weight: 36 kg
Tiles: High carbon steel
Tile Size: 32.5mm Wide, 9mm Thick
Scale: 3 1/2 octave
Outfit: A-442Hz

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DZWON.Y. YG-2500
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