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The Samplitude Pro X is a perfectly equipped digital workstation (DAW) for audio production without any restrictions. The program allows you to arrange, burn, edit and mix, as well as professional mastering and preparation of materials for writing on CD / DVD media.
Choose a DAW job that you can adjust to your preferences with the ability to fully configure the user interface. A precise audio engine that supports 64-bit mode, superior mastering plug-ins, surround 5.1 mix and easy integration with other components of your studio make the Samplitude Pro X the most powerful digital audio processing workstation.


  • All tools in one application,
  • 100% sound neutral, hybrid audio engine,
  • A new way to manage windows,
  • Track-level spectral editing,
  • Mixing in Surround 5.1 mode,
  • Advanced editing of objects,
  • EssentialFX Suite, VariVerb Pro and VINTAGE Effect,
  • Virtual instruments,
  • Top-notch mastering plug-ins,
  • Independence - sampler/workstation,
  • AAF/OMF support,
  • Support for 64-bit mode.


  • Analogue Modelling Suite Plus: a set of faithful simulations of high-end analog devices,
  • Vandal: virtual guitar-bass amplifier based on physical modeling technology,
  • Independence - sampler/workstation with a library of 70 GB of sounds: more than 3,000 instruments, arranger and programs of the stepper sequencer.

Try it for free!
You can download the latest version of Samplitude free of charge and test the program for 30 days.

What's new in the program?

Working in 64-bit mode
For the first time in Samplitude Pro X, you can take advantage of 64-bit operation and use 64-bit plug-ins. What's more, you can still use your 32-bit plug-ins, which are processed internally and can be combined with 64-bit plug-ins.
Samplitude Pro X works with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. The main difference is the amount of RAM that can be used. On 64-bit operating systems, 32-bit applications can use up to 4 GB of RAM (twice as much as Microsoft Windows 32-bit), while a real 64-bit application can use much more RAM space (up to terabyte, depending on the system components). This means more efficiency when using demanding plug-ins and when working on complex mixes.

A new way to arrange interface windows
Window anchoring system - docking system - allows you to optimize the program settings according to the requirements of your studio. You can move the main elements of an application or zoom in as much as possible by dragging them in the interface window. Position the orchestra or analyzer views, file finder, or playback bar side by side, and so on.
With the improved window docking system in Samplitude Pro X, you can now position yourself at your fingertips, such as an object editor, pointers, and MIDI editor. Of course, you can also create your own toolbar.
Save your own workspace settings and use special program settings in different situations, always with the right tools within the cursor range.

Spectral editing for a path
Remove unnecessary sounds, such as coughs or claps, without interfering with the sound of the original signal using the new track spectral editing feature. This adjustment can be done directly in the arrange window. The spectrogram allows you to quickly identify and then remove unwanted noises using colors. It is an ideal tool for removing short, clear interference.

Support for AAF/OMF formats
It takes a long time to exchange data between DAW programs and export files or sessions to various formats. Samplitude Pro X supports OMF/AAF formats, which greatly simplifies data exchange between programs and platforms.
The EDL export feature for MAGIX Video Pro X and compatibility with other Samplitude/Sequoia products make Samplitude Pro X an application that is easy to integrate into almost any digital audio system without interrupting your work.

Mixing in Surround 5.1 mode
Samplitude Pro X gives you the ability to mix soundtracks in 5.1 Surround format. Any sound source can be assigned to all master Surround channels, and the audio content can be distributed among the available in-and-around tracks.
You can directly redirect not only paths to the Surround main channel, but also individual objects and edit them in the Surround pane module. In addition, existing projects can also be mixed into an in-out format.

Tempo Path
You can use the new Tempo track to change the playback speed for any part of a MIDI orchestration. In addition, rigid rhythm mesh and MIDI orchestration modes are available for the current audio material, or custom rhythm grid settings. With these features, you can creatively design tempo changes and match MIDI arrangements to your existing audio content.
essentialFX Suite
The essentialFX Suite collection is a new set of 10 great effect plug-ins that will be used in all your daily studio tasks. In addition to high-quality algorithms, the highest attention was paid to the practical side of handling all the parameters and performance of each function.
A unified experience, combined with low system requirements, makes essentialFX a collection of top-notch sound processing tools that work for any task.

Independence - sampler/workstation
Independence is a professional sampler/workstation for studio and concert music production , and independence pro and independence basic versions are now also available. With a first-class sound library of 12GB (Samplitude Pro X) or 70GB (Samplitude Pro X Suite), hundreds of instrumental sounds, arranger and step sequencer programs make Independence one of the most powerful sample-based compoly tools.

  • Newly designed audio engine,
  • A library of 12 GB or 70 GB of Premium samples,
  • You can load third-party VST effects and instruments,
  • Support for up to 8 CPU cores,
  • Drag-and-drop function for audio and MIDI files,
  • Excellent file viewer with common processing by attributes.

Optimized view
The Samplitude Pro X features a brand new preview system. You can now set multiple preview types separately in the interface window, integrate views using the so-called " docker or run them in a separate window. Visualization for surround mode is also available.
New Object Editor
The object editor and MIDI editor have received a significantly expanded set of features and a new graphic design. Highlights include docking, the ability to set up an editor, 4 items for copy-and-paste tasks, and object automation for EQ, panorama, and surround settings.

Content Pack Sound Sets
Content Pack 1 is a collection of 3 GB of drum, wind, wood wind, guitars, bass, vocals, pianos, harps and effect loops that you can use in Samplitude Pro X. Loops are cataloged by genre and tempo (BPM).

Content Pack 2 includes additional content pack 1 sounds included with Samplitude Pro X Suite, including 4GB of sound loops, arranged by style, instrument, and pace.

Collaborate with Artist controllers
The Samplitude Pro X can be operated with artist controllers, Artist Mix, Artist Control and Artist Transport controllers. The controllers operate via the EUCON protocol, which is activated in the Hardware Controller settings window. Note: Window 7 is required to use artist controllers.

Optimized help function
You can quickly find help topics using the search bar, where you can type the text of the command you are interested in, etc. (with auto-refill function). Browsing many more help tabs is a thing of the past.

Technical data


  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32- and 64-bit),
  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista® (32- and 64-bit),
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-bits).


  • 1.5 GHz or faster processor,
  • RAM (32-bit systems): 1 GB,
  • RAM (64-bit systems): 4GB,
  • Graphics card: On-board graphics card with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768,
  • Sound cards: ASIO and/or WDM compatible sound card, Free hard drive space: 500 MB with minimal installation,
  • Drive: DVD (needed for installation).


  • Burning discs: necessary CD/DVD burner ±R(W),
  • MP3 export: Windows Media Player 10 or later required
  • MIDI registration: MIDI interface.


  • Export: MIDI-Standard-Format (MID), WAV, ACC, Broadcast WAV, MP3, CD-A, OGG-Vorbis, AIFF, WMA, FLAC, Import: MIDI-Standard-Format (MID, GM, GS, XG), WAV, ACC, Broadcast WAV, MP3, CDA, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, FLAC, MOV, AVI (audio content).
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