Spectrasonics Omnisphere II - VST plug

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They have become the standard in the studios and synonymous with the highest quality.

  • a functional, transparent interface understandable to each user,
  • advanced sound engine "Steam Engine",
  • for "seekers" advanced synthesis options,
  • An efficient color viewer with a precise search engine according to your criteria
  • 8 independent arpegiators,
  • innovative "Groove Lock" system to synchronize arpegiator with Stylus RMX or any MIDI file,
  • "Live Mode" mode, which allows you to switch colors and combine them during a "live" game,
  • "Stack Mode" mode with advanced color layering options and transitions between them,
  • 8-part multitimbral with built-in mixer, AUX rail and total effects,
  • advanced automation options via MIDI [including "MIDI Learn"],
  • integrated user guide
  • hours of training presentations available after on-line registration,
  • zaron the Windows platform as well as the MAC.
  • oscillators can work on the basis of samples or synthesis,
  • up to 10 oscillators using the new "Harmony" function,
  • two-layer color structure,
  • An efficient system for reading sequencing from a hard drive,
  • a wide range of DSP oscillator runs,
  • elaborate "Unison Detuning" color tuning,
  • granular synthesis,
  • modulated synchronization of "Hard Sync" oscillators; analogue synthesis,
  • FM oscillators,
  • double filter per layer,
  • the possibility of creating a combination of filters [17algorytms] in a serial or parallel system,
  • freely customizable effect rack,
  • select alternative tuning scales.
  • Vast Core Library - more than 40 gigabytes of sample, thousands of presets,
  • uncompromising, noble, inspiring sound,
  • Access to the entire Spectrasonics Atmosphere sound collection
  • open architecture; The ability to add new sounds
  • sounds adapted to all types of music,
  • fast color search based on search criteria: instrument type, sound nature, mood, tonality, etc.
  • integrated, fully equipped effect rack; more than 32 processors covering the entire spectrum of signal processing processes,
  • up to 12 effects can be used simultaneously per preset,
  • hundreds of ready-made FX presets.
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