Spectrasonics Trilian - VST plugin

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First there was the Bass Legends library, then the award-winning Trilogy bass synthesizer. Many years have passed since then. Quality standards have changed, new technologies for making music have been created - so it's time for TRILIAN.

34 gigabytes of carefully selected sleds, recorded with different articulations [staccato, legato, sustain, vibrato, slide up, slide down] and at different volumes will allow you to create very complex bass arrangements. It is the first instrument to give the smallest musical nuances characteristic of bass instruments.

Performance and full integration
Trilian integrates perfectly with the Omnisphere. It is possible to load Trilian colors from the Omnisphere and pass them through the entire synthesis track and the effects of this synthesizer. Full integration also allows Trilian to be used to play bass games in live play, while synthesizer sequences will come from the Omnisphere.

zaron the PC and MAC platforms.
  • maintaining the full sound nature of bass instruments,
  • "dynamic slide" for a realistic effect of moving from one note to another,
  • a rich library of snailes recorded with different articulations,
  • available articulation modes for acoustic and electric bass: staccato, legato, sustain, vibrato, slide up, slide down, slide up & down, gliss up,
  • harmonics, FX squeaks, X-notes,
  • "Round-Robin" function for the effect of resounding repeated notes,
  • all Trilian parameters can be assigned to any MIDI controller in a fraction of a second "MIDI Learn",
  • "Live Mode" for live performances,
  • possibility of dividing the keyboard into zones, smooth color penetration between zones - "Stack Mode",
  • arpegiator synchronizing to Stylus RMX loops or to any MIDI file,
  • richly equipped effect rack.
  • 34 gigabytes of precisely recorded snailes [10 times more than trilogy],
  • more than 60 electric basses, 4,5,6 and 8 string guitars, 6 bassists,
  • all game techniques characteristic of bassists: Fingered, Picked, Fretless, Slapped, Tapped, Muted,
  • acoustic bass recorded in many articulation variants [more than 21000 slings],
  • YAMAHA® CS-80, Cwejman™ Modular, Moog Minimoog™, Little Phatty™, Voyager™, Taurus™ Pedals,
  • KORGROLANDROLAND TB-303, SH-101, Metasonix KV-100 Assblaster, SE-1, Omega.
  • ATC-1 and many others;
    • remastered Spectrasonics Trilogy library,
    • Remastered Bass Legends Library
    • the full potential of the contained sips are combined by specially designed synthesis algorithms: Juicy Filter and Power Filter.
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