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Reason 7 – a new edition of the already legendary program for music production. With included and additional sets of instruments, effects and sound libraries, the program offers everything you need to compose, record, mix and produce great-sounding music.

Create songs in reason using included synthesizers, samplers, music loop players, and drum machines. Add a guitar, vocals, MIDI synthesizers, or record an entire team. Mix and master with a software console modeled after a classic worth millions of dollars.

With inspiring sound banks and an intuitive work environment, the creation process runs very smoothly and seamlessly allowing you to focus only on music.

About the program

Reason 7 is an integrated music creation and recording experience.

At the heart of Reason is a virtual rack with instruments and effects that you fill in when you create a song. Add, remove, and replace the instruments and effects you've selected in a virtual rack. Need more equipment? No problem. Select a synthesizer, drum machine or other device available in the "Create" menu and it will immediately appear in your rack. Since Reason is designed so as not to burden your computer too much, you can add as many devices to the "rack" as you need and this will not slow down your computer.

r7 whats-new-rackmix

A single keystroke flips the virtual program stand backwards to display the connectors of each device. Connections between them are established automatically when you add another item in the "rack". However, if you would like to change the connections between devices, simply drag the cable to the correct location.

r7 whats-new-mixbus

All sliders, knobs, buttons and functions of the devices are available in the main window of the program and ready to work in real time. Any action you perform – for example, working with filters, changing panoramas, adding effects – can be saved and automated in the Reason sequencer.

r7 whats-new-slicing

Integrating additional MIDI hardware with Reason will expand the arsenal of attached instruments with additional external hardware devices. This will allow you to control, for example, synthesizers, drum machines from the program sequencer and time synchronization of devices with the program.

If you're looking for more creative capabilities, the answer will be software extensions for Reason, the so-called Rack Extensions. Expand your virtual rack with add-ons from Propellerhead or other collaborative companies – from modern effects to classic instruments. These add-ons are identically graphed into the program and work in the same way as those originally included.

r7 rack-extensions-405

Below the virtual rack is a powerful sequencer. Also easy to use and containing many useful features. Record MIDI messages, record audio, transform saved content any way you want. The mistake you made can be corrected instantly. And when your recording is too perfect, equal, and you'd like to give it some life, use the ReGroove Mixer feature to add a natural character to the instrumentalyst. With improved audio stretching over time, you can change the tempo of a song without losing quality in real time. With audio transposition, you can record the content and change its tone later.

r7 whats-new-inspire

When you finish working on a song, you're sure to use the Reason mixer. It's the sound of the best recording studios. The mixer is based on the classic SSL 9000k analog mixing console with a reproduction of all its functions (dynamics, signal transmission, EQ, full automation, channel grouping, legendary compression, etc.). The EQ-controlled spectrum analyzer (a new feature in Reason 7) also improves recording quality.

r7 sampler-405

As you know, the appropriate sound libraries are very important when creating songs. Reason includes a multigigabyte library of sounds, including synthesizers, samplers, drum kits, music loops, and more. It is ideal for starting with the program. In addition, you can purchase libraries that are specifically designed for Reason.

What's new in Reason 7

With a new professional studio-quality mixer, Reason was a dream come true for engineers and sound engineers. A few new improvements make mixing in the program even faster and even better. Group audio tracks and even join groups together to process them together. Create parallel channels with a single mouse click for a separate development – all based on the tricks used by the best sound engineers.

r7 beats-405

To enhance the mixing control, Reason now has a built-in spectrum analyzer window that shows the selected channels. In addition, the spectrum analyzer window has a remote control for improved EQ – allowing you to quickly adjust the audio tracks from anywhere in the program.

r7 synth-405

In Reason 7, the most important functions of the mixer are also available on the device in the "rack". Each audio channel and mixer channel is equipped with control of sound level, panorama, solo, mute.

Reason 7 has an extensive library of factory sounds with new loops and drum kits (house, dubstep, metal).

Version 7 also includes the ability to synchronize midi out and midi clock. Add the sound of your favorite hardware synthesizer and drum machine to Reason and control each of their parameters through the program.

r7 external-midi-405

Reason 7 also has enhanced editing capabilities for recorded audio content. Register a guitar, for example, the program will detect any transitions in the recording and cut the file automatically into individual fragments. Now you can move parts of a recording, change it, or quantize it. In addition, you can convert files to REX format and play them in program instruments such as Kong or Dr. Ogranegocto Rex.

To import your own sound files into Reason 7, the program has been provided with more supported file formats, such as mp3, WMA, or AAC.

r7 creative-control-405

Users told us about two important aspects of Reason – the pleasure of work and inspiration. To increase creativity in Reason 7, we've added an effect called Audiomatic Retro Transformer, a psycho-acoustic retro effect from the future. Added to each channel or group will dramatically change the sound of the audio traces.


Attached instruments

  • Kong Drum Designer
  • Thor Synthesizer
  • NN19 - sampler
  • NN-XT - advanced sampler
  • Malström synthesizer
  • Dr. Octo Rex - music loop player
  • Redrum - drum machine
  • Subtractor – synthesizer
  • ID-8 – composing tool
  • Combinator – combining individual instruments and effects

Attached effects

  • Alligator – three-goal
  • Pulveriser – przester, compressor
  • The Echo – stereo echo
  • Neptune – sound height correction and voice synthesizer
  • Audiomatic Retro Transformer
  • Line 6 – virtual guitar amplifier
  • Line 6 – virtual bass amplifier
  • RV-7 Digital Reverb
  • DDL-1 - Digital delay
  • D-11 - oversteer
  • ECF-42 - filter
  • DF-101 - chorus/flanger
  • PH-90 – phaser
  • COMP-01 - compressor
  • PEQ2 - Dual Band EQ
  • RV7000 – advanced reverberation
  • Scream 4 - sound destruction
  • BV512 - wokoder
  • UN16 unison
  • four-band mastering EQ
  • stereo imager
  • stereo compressor
  • Maximizer

Mixer console with complete audio track for each instrument and audio channel

  • gain
  • four-band EQ
  • 8 effect shipping slots
  • effects input slot
  • dynamics section with compressor and gate
  • filters (lo-pass and hi-pass)
  • spectrum analyzer
  • main compressor
  • channel groups
  • parallel channels

Other properties

  • unlimited number of recorded audio tracks and instruments
  • Rack Extension technology allows you to expand the collection of instruments and effects
  • contains a huge library of sounds
  • high-quality audio/MIDI sequencer
  • lossless real-time audio transposition
  • cutting and quantizing audio files
  • save and convert audio files to REX loop format
  • MIDI output - control synthesizers, samplers and other devices from within the program
  • MIDI clock output - synchronization of external hardware with the program
  • advanced export of audio channels
  • RPG-8 – mono arpeggiator
  • ReGroove Mixer
  • assigning functions to external MIDI controllers
  • ReWire support
  • work with many types of audio files – from wave and aiff to mp3 and more
  • working with 64-bit systems

System requirements

Mac OS X

  • High-speed Internet connection for program registration and authorization
  • Intel Mac Dual Core Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 3GB free storage
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • 1024x768 Monitor
  • CoreAudio audio interface
  • recommended MIDI interface and MIDI keyboard


  • High-speed Internet connection for program registration and authorization
  • Intel or AMD Dual Core processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 3GB free storage
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 1024x768 Monitor
  • audio interface with ASIO driver
  • recommended MIDI interface and MIDI keyboard
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