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FINALE 2012 commercial license

From inspiration to applause , music comes to life FINALE. Easily compose, compose, print, and reproduce your artwork with very good built-in instruments. Whether you're creating a theme for a movie or mp3 for your player, FINALE gives you flexibility and freedom when making music.

Features FINALE 2012:

Nut input: Playing on a MIDI keyboard, scanning from a piece of paper, through a microphone e.g. trumpet, flute or by importing various kinds of files. Even more sounds:Over 400 Garritan instruments, 100+ Tapspace instruments and support for external sound libraries including VST/AU instruments and effects. Only in FINALE: Create SmartMusic accompaniments. Share your music with others through a free downloadable program - FINALE Reader. No other program includes "Band-in Box" auto-harmonization, Import/Export in MusicXML 3.0 format, MicNotator, recording/importing audio files. More features: Combine parts, Music Educator resources, video support, save audio files, TempoTap, HumanPlayback, built-in video lessons are just a few of the most important features.


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