ADS PVA 240 amplifier

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PVA 240

The 100V series of amplifiers is mainly designed for installation sound systems such as office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, bars, public facilities, etc. The main advantage of amplifiers for 100V networks is the reduction in the thickness of the cables connecting the speakers, compared to low-voltage amplifiers. The principle of transformation is similar to that of the power grid, the higher voltage provides less current at the same power. In addition, at a higher voltage, we can come to terms with a greater voltage drop on the supply lines.

All end steps in the PVA series operate at a reduced power supply voltage, making it possible to operate not only with mains voltage, but also with 24VDC (or 18AC) power supply voltage in the emergency system. Switching of the power supply voltage, in case of mains voltage loss, is carried out automatically and silently. The final stage is integrated into the output transformer, wound in a special way, to achieve a full acoustic band in the high frequency range. The final step works in a modified push-pull configuration. The advantage of this configuration is that it works in a similar way to the bridge configuration, which allows you to almost double the filter capacity. Unlike the push-pull configuration, our final step is fully complementary (resulting in small distortions), without losing the advantages of the standard push-pull configuration.

End steps are equipped with protections comparable to those of stage amplifiers. These safeguards shall exceeding the temperature: supply transformer, output and final stage heat sink; short circuit and overload; limiter, softstart. This allows them to be installed in installations with increased requirements for reliability, fire protection and emergency protection.

Amplifiers are equipped with priority inputs, switched on via an additional input or controlled automatically when a signal appears. The PVA series also has test inputs to connect the remote control's ultrasonic signal, which detects connection efficiency. Symmetrical inputs allow cables to be connected over a longer distance, without the risk of interference and network brums.

The subsonal filter protects the speakers, which are often of relatively poor quality in such installations. This filter also protects the amplifier from saturation of the output transformer.

The forced cooling fan changes its rotational speed continuously, depending on the heat sink temperature. In case the amplifier plays very quietly, the fan stands or runs at a minimum speed, so that it does not unnecessarily draw dust and does not reduce its service life.

· Final step in modified push-pull configuration
· 24VDC Emergency Power Supply
· Priority and test inputs
· Limiter
· Subsonic filter
· Forced cooling at variable speed.



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