ADS HXI 2000 amplifier

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HXI 2000

A new terminal stage power supply system has been used, based on the highly efficient SMPS pulse power supply, which has reduced the weight of the product quite significantly. The use of magnetic resonance imaging made it possible to obtain a sine wave voltage on the secondary side of the power supply, as with a traditional toroidal transformer, which allowed to minimize the generated interference to the environment and the power circuits of the amplifier. The high frequency of the inverter after the acoustic band has a neutral effect on sound quality.

The HXi final stage combines the advantages of analog and pulse technology provided by class H. Analog technology ensures high quality, and operation with pulsed power increases energy efficiency. When there is a demand for more power, the power supply voltage of the power degree is switched. This is due to a system containing a wrench and multiple supply voltage. Power voltage switching takes place in much shorter time than the highest frequency acoustic wavelength (20kHz). Only bipolar transistors and it is these fastest and unique system that are able to withyo quickly change the supply voltage without affecting the output waveform. It is worth noting that the supply voltage is increased in the signal clock only in this channel and only when necessary. This amplifier improves energy efficiency and reliability. Thanks to class H, it is possible to work the end transistors securely at high supply voltages (e.g. 270V in HXi3000), without the risk of secondary puncture.

The largest amplifiers in the HXi series have 6 supply voltages switched via 4 keys per channel. The high reliability of the amplifier is based on many years of experience of the company. The operating conditions of all components are calculated in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the manufacturers. Reliability is enhanced by through-the-line installation. the cold-standing fan increases the life span, which reduces the amount of dust taken when the full power of the amplifier is not used. Proof of high reliability is the manufacturer's 5-year warranty. HXi amplifiers have intelligent overload protection that protects zaragainst short circuits and overloads. The protection controls the heat sink temperature to within 1degree. The HXi series has effective DC signal protection at the amplifier output. The amplifier is also protected against damage when connected to the voltage between phase 400VAC.

HXi Series amplifiers have a deliberately reversed charge cycle from the power supply capacitors in one channel relative to another. This allows the amplifier zarin stereo, parallel and bridge mode as if it were still in the bridge configuration. This results in a double increase in the efficiency of the power capacitors (compared to the conventional solution) for signals below 100Hz.

The amplifier is made in accordance with the EU ROHS Directive and is CE certified


  • Light weight due to impulse power supply
  • Crossover 75Hz - 1200Hz
  • Automatic Clip Limiter. (Adjusting the amplification of the end stage to the amplitude of the input signal. This means eliminating harmful saturation of the power level.)
  • Silent on/off automation. (When the amplifier is switched on and off, the signal does not hit the speaker strongly. The system turns on very quietly and fully electronically secures the amplifier and its associated loudspeakers.)
  • Class H, 2H
  • Dual XLR and Jack input slots. (With this solution, it is possible to connect the input signals of the terminals in parallel, all inputs are symmetrical.)
  • Speakon-free, trouble-free output sockets. (They securely attach and disconnect the load even during operation.)
  • Silent load switching,
  • Dust filter. (The filter minimizes the possibility of dirt on the amplifier inside, prolonging the trouble-free and long operation of the cooling system.)
  • Soft power on (Softstart),
  • Multi-stage security system.
    • temperature above 85'C, mute the output signal until the final steps cool down.
    • the appearance of RF at the output, automatic reduction of the over-control
    • overload protection, which protects zarshort circuit and from overloading
    • the appearance of DC at the output, the immediate disconnection of voltages supplying the final power levels.
  • Forced cooling system. (The thruity of the fans is determined smoothly, the fans are cold when the amplifier is switched on. During idly id (without load) you can observe gentle rotations that do not bring noise to the environment.)


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