ADS LX 800 amplifier

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LX 800

· Automatic Clip Limiter. (Adjusting the amplification of the end stage to the amplitude of the input signal. This means eliminating harmful saturation of the power level.)

· Crossover 75Hz - 1200Hz.

o independent for each channel, smooth frequency distribution control,

o Simple configuration of shared Bi-amp systems.

· Multi-stage security system.

o for temperatures above 100 °C and D.C. at the load disconnection output,

o the appearance of RF at the output - automatic reduction of the occurrence of oversteer,

o Disconnecting the amplifier outputs at short circuit.

· Forced cooling system. (The thrue force of the fans is determined in a two-stage range, the first speed in the heat sink temperature range up to 60 C, the second speed above that temperature.)

· Silent on/off automation. (When the amplifier is switched on and off, the signal does not hit the speaker strongly. The system turns on very quietly and fully electronically secures the amplifier and its associated loudspeakers.)

· Output powers. (Depending on the tip model and connection configuration from 150 to 1600W.)

· Continuous operation with a load of 2Ω. (On LX 1100, LX 1400 models, it is possible to power column sets with a total impedance of 2Ω.)

· Dual XLR and Jack input slots. (With this solution, it is possible to connect the input signals of the terminals in parallel, all inputs are symmetrical.)

· Crossover Output slots. (This socket allows you to control an additional amplifier, a signal complementary to the signal that is on the load of the main amplifier.)

· Speakon-free, trouble-free output sockets. (They securely attach and disconnect the load even during operation.)

· Toroidal transformer. (Minimizes harmful power system bruising resulting in seamless operation of the power tip.)

· MOSFETs. (The clear bass strength and crystalline sound of the sopranos are the result of MOSFET transistors.)

· Dust filter. (The filter minimizes the possibility of dirt on the amplifier inside.)



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