Yamaha P5000S power tip 2x700W

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Yamaha P 5000 S amplifier 2x700W/4

The P5000S YAMAHA power amplifier reaches 700W per channel at a load of 4 Ohms. The amplifier does not work at 2 Ohms.

Yamaha's sound engineers have designed the P-Series amplifiers to fit perfectly into the popular club series speakers. To achieve this, they supplied them with a high output power that fits the club series speakers, and equipped them with YS (Yamaha speaker machining) to deliver a signal that is tuned specifically for these speakers. This output power also best fits our club version speakers. So if you want to operate a pair of club S115 with 500 watts, the P5000S with 5000 watts per channel in 8 Ohms is the perfect way out. Further matches are found in YS Yamaha's corporate treatment. Each model is equipped with a specially designed circuit that provides a customized output for the specific response of the club series speakers, to provide sensational audio and performance quality. All models include XLR and 1/4-inch TRS and NEUTRIK Speakon™ inputs, audio connector, and 5-sided post outputs, to speed up and facilitate connections. Other features include Yamaha's EEEngine technology , which provides high performance and exceptional performance, high and low frequency filters – to optimize the output for each speaker, compact and resistant 2U housing, and variable cooling speed windmills.

High power output delivered with great performance
The new P-Series amplifiers deliver a large amount of professional power quality in a wide range of configurations designed to meet almost any requirement. Those paying attention to the price will find high output power and high quality in this equipment without further increasing costs. Further savings are achieved with Yamaha's highly efficient EEEngine technology

The perfect fit for your club speakers
The new P-Series amplifiers can be used with any speaker system, but if you use our club series, they will draw maximum power and performance out of your system. In the 8-Ohm output application, the output power per P7000S channel is 700 watts, the P5000S 500 watts P3500S 350 watts and the P2500S 250 watts. This wide selection allows you to designate the amplifier that best suits the power of your speaker systems. All four models are equipped with independent high and low frequency filters on each channel so that you can optimize the output for the subwoofer or full range systems to ensure the highest quality audio and performance on any speaker system used.

Light weight for easy transport and seedation
Look at the technical data and you'll notice that the P2500S and P3500S have a very low weight, which makes transporting and deploying them less tedious. What's more astonishing is the comparison of weight to watts when it comes to the P5000S and P7000S. Jacki output NEUTRIK Speakon™, and 1/4-inch output jacks for each channel in addition to 5-sided posts. The channel inputs consist of XLR jacks and 1/4-inch TRS jacks.

* Speakon is a trademark of NEUTRIK AG.

Other features
The industrial design of the new P Series provides a sophisticated and impressive look with dark blue plates with silver trims, handles and suspensions. The housing is specially designed to provide additional durability and reliability. Windmills with varying cooling speeds mounted internally on each side of the front panel offer quiet and efficient cooling. Full protection consists of on/off power silencing, DC detection, thermal protection, voltage limiting, and protective attenuator cover.

Flexible connectivity
For the most flexible connectivity, all four models are equipped with NEUTRIK Speakon™ output jacks, and 1/4-inch output jacks on each channel in addition to 5-sided knotted positions. The channel inputs consist of XLR jacks and 1/4-inch TRS jacks.

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