PIONEER DDJ-WeGO4 USB midi controller




Mixing music has just become easier and even more fun – all thanks to the new DDJ-WeGO. Anyone passionate about dance music can now play and mix songs on a compact, easy-to-use DJ console.

Novice DJs using DJ software on their computer can now use WeGO buttons and sliders to control sound and mix parameters. The popular VirtualDJ LE software is included in the kit so that you can start the DJ adventure out of the box. WeGO will also be compatible with other popular DJ programs such as Algoriddim, MixVibes CROSS, Tractor.

Setup is extremely easy: simply connect WeGO to your laptop and run the software. Ergonomic buttons, knobs and sliders and a friendly interface will make novice DJs quickly assimilate the basics. Pulse Control will use the backlight to indicate whether the beat is well matched, which effects are active, and which of the two decks is currently playing. With PIONEER WeGO, even a budding DJ will quickly gain skills and be able to play for a larger audience.

As soon as you assimilate the basics, you can start using advanced features that are taken from professional DJ products PIONEER. Advanced features include Beat Sync, sound effects, and loops.
You can choose from five wego effect colors – to emphasize your individuality. In addition, you can also configure the backlight of the dials. The lightweight and compact console can even be transported in a regular backpack.

- Pulse Control backlight as a visual element of mixing learning: Taken from the popular DDJ-ERGO controller, Pulse Control adds exciting visual experiences to learning DJ skills. The LEDs at the dials show which functions are active and how accurate the beat match is. Depending on their preferences, users can set different backlight colors,
- red LEDs at the channel sliders: Show the moment of "beat" and the intensity of the light indicates the volume level of the channel,
- Mix Pulse: Mix Pulse allows you to easily learn and control the match of beats. The lights shine the harder the beat is more matched,
- Launch Pulse: Red light "moves" from the "LOAD" button to the deck dial, indicating that the track is ready to play,

- FX Pulse: LEDs show which efety are active. The higher the effect parameters, the brighter the backlight,
- Jog FX: WeGO effects can be further modified by spinning the deck dial to make the sound even more interesting.
- VirtualDJ LE software: WeGO makes using DJ software easy and fun. Ergonomic buttons, knobs and sliders and a friendly interface will make novice DJs quickly learn how to use the software. The WeGO design maps the position of the functions in the program, and the use of any button or knob is shown on the laptop screen. In the software it is possible to change the color scheme – so that it even more fits your WeGO.
The DJ has access to 4 loaded sips at any time. Hot Cue lets you start playing from a predefined point in a song. Once you've mastered the basic features, you can move on to more advanced ones like Beat Sync or Loops. The console also allows you to operate up to four decks at the same time.
It is possible to control by DDJ-WeGO software Algoriddim djay and djay LE (LE version to 'download' for free for controller users). To take advantage of this option, you need to install the firmware from
WeGO is also compatible with other DJ programs – so you can choose the best one for you.
- Five colors and the ability to choose the backlight color: WeGO is available in black, green, red, purple or white. You can also adjust the backlight color of the dials according to your preferences,
- Compact design for easy transport: WeGO is compact, lightweight and mobile. Its appearance is modeled after the popular ddj-ergo PIONEER controller model. The discs are covered with rubber, which makes the operation even more secure and pleasant. Preparing to play takes just a moment, as WeGO is completely powered by USB. All you need is one cable. With the slots on the side of the console, you no longer have to worry about the wires touching your laptop keyboard.
- other functions: - high-quality components for excellent sound, - built-in sound card (audio interface) with Master RCA output and headphone (small + large Jack), - dimensions 380 mm × 208.5 mm × 65 mm, - weight: 1.6 kg.

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