The DDJ-SP1 is the first follow-up controller to be created for unfetched control of the Serato DJ program.
Equipped with pads, fader, knobs and buttons specially assigned to specific serato DJ functions and given in a form known from earlier popular controllers to make playing with it even more enjoyable.

Performance Pads

Sixteen rubber pads that can operate in Hot Cue, Roll, Samle, Slicer, Auto Loop and Manual Loop modes.
The backlight of the Pads gives an instant preview of their stau, e.g. Velocity dynamic mode corresponding to the pad backlight visually indicating the volume level depending on the pressure of the pad.

Sampler Volume Fader

The Sampler level can be controlled intuitively during finger-drumming via the Sampler Volume slider located between the Pad sections.

Slip Mode

In Slip Mode, the song is still played during manipulation, but in mute mode, so when you exit Loop, scratch or reversu the music returns to the exact place where the song lasted - remaining in the phrase.

FX Buttons/Potentiometers

The DDJ-SP1 has dedicated buttons and potentiometers that accurately reflect the serato DJ layout to intuitively handle the software effects provided by iZotope.

DDJ-SP is built for mobile use by professionals. The rubber pads and buttons are robust and durable and the aluminium front panel
great controller appearance in any setup.

Seart Video bonus

The voucher for the free download of serato video plug-in running inside serato software ("Serato DJ", "Scratch Live", "ITCH") is included with DDJ-SP1.
This makes it easy to add video mixes, effects, and images synced to your music.


- supplementary controller for Serato DJ,
- fully compatible with standard MIDI mode,
- does not have an audio interface,
- dimensions: 328 mm (W) × 178.7 mm (D) × 47.4 mm (H)
- weight: 1.4 kg,
- connection: USB,
- includes a license for Serato Video Plug-in (download version - download).

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