PIONEER DJM-2000NXS mixer for DJ




The industry's first multi-touch panel.
The DJM-2000 mixer is the first in the audio industry to have a 5.8-inch colour multi-touch display for added effects. Users can simultaneously manipulate the displayed controllers by touching different parts of the screen. Three different modes are possible:

- Frequency mix - allows for more precise mixing, harnessing seven frequency ranges. For example, users can expand a given bass region of mixed music.
- Sidechain remix – DJs can create seven different dynamic audio effects by touch and staging around the screen.
- MIDI mode – allows you to assign different controllers displayed on the LCD screen to control the software via MIDI. Four different types of MIDI controls are available for increased functionality.

Beat Effects have evolved.
Adapted from earlier versions of djm series mixers, the effects reide in the form of Evolved Beat Effects, so that you can generate a huge amount of sound effects. Many buttons have been added to select several effects and beat parameters in order to further enhance the performance possibilities. Additional effect manipulation can be performed with Effect Frequency potentiometers, which change low, medium and high bands of music. Changes to these knobs affect saturation with the effect of each of these bands, e.g. adding echoes specifically for vocals or mirroring the rhythm of hihats give amazing options during performances.

Instant FX Instrument.
INST FX brings six additional effects including Noise, HPF, LPF, Jet, Zip and Crush. The effect can be superimposed on each channel and manipulated with the Filter potentiometer, in addition, the Parameter setting will allow you to fine-tune the effect.

Pro DJ Link.
When cdj-2000 or CDJ-900 decks connected by Pro DJ Link are used with the mixer, the DJM-2000 becomes an even more powerful musical tool. The mixer has four ethernet ports allowing you to connect (via LAN cable) up to four modern players, dividing between them only one media (USB, SD card). In addition, for computers with Pioneer's music management program installed - rekordbox™ in case two DJs are to change in their individual sets.

Live Sampler.
Live Sampler is a cool thing that allows you to record audio from a microphone or master to the mixer. The sound can be transferred via LAN to the CDJ-2000 and scratched.

Link Monitor.
When the DJM-2000 is connected to the CDJ-2000, the mixer informs the DJ of the connection status. Player JOG rings change color depending on the current mode – playing on the Master or connecting to a given channel, giving a quick visual preview of the DJ.

USB interface.
The DJM-2000 also features a USB audio interface that allows you to connect your computer and use the mixer as an external sound card. Up to four audio sources can be assigned to each of the mixer channels giving you great flexibility. An additional advantage is the sending of the Master signal to the computer to record performances.

Sound quality.
Continuing the prestige and reputation of PIONEERmixers, the DJM-2000 delivers excellent sound quality. By harnessing pioneer's balanced hybrid operational amplifier and great analog track, the dynamic range has increased to 107dB with total harmonic distortion of 0.004% resulting in extremely clear and powerful sound.


· number of channels: audio: 4; microphone: 1,

· headroom: 19 dB,

· sampling rate: 96kHz,

· Converter A/D,D/A: 24bit, 32bit,

· transmission band: 20Hz-20kHz,

· THD (total harmonic distortion): 0.004% or less,

· signal-to-noise ratio: 107dB (Line),

· inputs: 6x CD/Line; 2x Phono; 4x Digital In (RCA); 1x MIC (XLR, 1/4"),

· outputs: Master XLR, RCA; Booth 1/4", headphone, Rec Out RCA, Digital Out (Coaxial),

· externeal send + return,

· MIDI DIN5 output,

· USB type B port,

· Terminals Pro DJ Link x 6,

· dimensions: 42cm x 40cm x 10cm,

· weight: 8.48kg.

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