PIONEER DJM-850 K/S/ W mixer for DJ



PIONEER DJM-850 K/S/ W mixer for DJ

DJM-850 combines the latest technology with your favorite DJ features

Offered in two color variants with four channels, hundreds of combinations of effects and infinite possibilities of creativity, our new DJM-850 is doomed to become the most coveted mixer among DJs.

The DJM-850 is ready to connect and start playback with pre-programmed studio-quality effects that can be triggered at the touch of a button. The mixer competes with the creative capabilities of DJ software, freeing them from laptops for a more natural user experience.

See the DJM-850 in action.

4 channels. 100 combinations of effects. Infinite possibilities

The DJM-850 combines future-facing technology with familiar and pre-DJ features. Ready to go right when connected, no need to configure, studio-quality effects - all available at the touch of a button - the DJM-850 offers an infinite number of possibilities.

Beat Colour Effect is the industry's first feature of its kind, offering an extra level of control over Pioneer's outstanding colour effects. Beat Effect analyzes the soundtrack at each channel's input and combines volume level changes with other parameters so that the DJ can seamlessly blend new sounds and effects into its mix.

1. Built-in four-channel stereo sound card

    • The DJM-850 includes a powerful sound card for simultaneous input and output of 24-bit/96 kHz signals, so there's no loss of quality when passed through the mixer.

    • Three sampling rates (96 kHz/48 kHz/44.1 kHz) enable music recording, production and top-quality DJskie sets.

    • Connecting a computer requires a single USB cable, so the DJ can start playing music almost immediately when connected. Software fanatics can also get the most out of scratch control with timecode mixer compatibility in digital vinyl systems such as Tractor.

    • The handy PIONEER tool launched with the DJM-850 is connected to the computer, allowing DJs to set up a mixer, sound card and audio according to personal preferences.

2. Beat Colour Effect

  • The DJM-850 uses the very popular chaining studio technology to add a new element to the fabulously easy-to-use PIONEER Colour Effects without complicating usage.

  • Using the Beat button, another sound dimension is automatically added when you apply colour effects. Beat Colour Effect analyzes the audio input signal of each channel and directly combines the rhythmic changes in the volume level with the parameter: resonance for Filter and Crush, beat repetition for Cutter and 'ducking volume' for Noise Effect.

  • This additional level of control has become a basis in the production of dance music due to the way new sounds and effects are blended into the mix.

3. Improved Beat Effects feature with new FX Boost;

  • The mixer offers the user access to 13 enhanced Beat effects. Along with your favorite old effects, the DJM-850 features incredible high-end Reverb effects and echo-inspired Spiral Effect tape from the DJM-900nexus. Especially for the DJM-850, PIONEER presents the Up Echo, which produces the mix with more reserve and control.

  • By replicating the sound effects from the touch X-pad in the DJM-900nexus, the 'FX Boost' function allows the Level/Depth knob to operate more actively than the standard Wet/Dry controller. Rotate for 12 hours for a full wet effect and continue rotating to add Pitch Up to Up Echo and High-Pass Filter to Reverb.

4. Correction insulator on each channel

  • Each channel contains a three-band equalizer (+6 dB to -26 dB) or a three-band insulator (+6 dB to -26 dB).

  • Emulating the insulator of the highest mixer in PIONEER offer - DJM-1000 - equalizer of the new DJM-850 extends the range from mute -26 to complete mute.

5. Strong design for DJs who love to play

  • DJM-850 fader components are cleverly placed away from potential hazards, making spilled beverages no longer a tragedy for the user, as is the case with other mixers.

  • Pioneer's special P-Lock Fader Cap system prevents sliders from being accidentally moved during use.

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