Apogee Quartet for Mac - professional audio interface

Quartet Mac

Towr discontinued



4 analog inputs with the highest quality microphone preamplizers
Monitoring – up to 3 speaker sets
USB 2.0 - High-bandwidth Mac audio connector
ADAT/SMUX digital inputs
MIDI input/output (USB-A connector)
• 8 analog outputs:
• 6 balanced linear outputs, max. output level +20 dBu
1 independent stereo headphone output 1/4"
2 high-resolution OLED displays
• Knob for operation
• 6 touch buttons for direct selection of inputs and outputs
3 buttons with the ability to assign functions
Quartet współpracuje ze wszystkimi aplikacjami kompatybilnymi z Core Audio,
of which: Logic, Pro Tools 9 and 10, Final Cut, Ableton Live

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Quartet Mac