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AUDIO-TECHNICA U851A capacitive surface microphone

U 851A

Ideal for studio or pulpit

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AUDIO-TECHNICA U851A capacitive surface microphone

Capacitive surface microphone (cardioid). Battery powered or phantom; black finish, poorly reflective.

audio-technica U851A is a unique cardioid surface microphone with PivotPoint rotary connection jack® allowing you to conduct wires from the back or bottom of the microphone. UniGuard® provides exceptional resistance to radio interference. The microphone can be powered by phantom or battery voltage and thanks to removable capsules offers the possibility to choose directional characteristics (hypercardioid, omnicrimial, cardioid). The heavy-casting housing and silicone anti-slip base minimize vibration penetration into the microphone capsule.
Description from the www.audiotechnica.pl

Characteristics of the U 851 A microphone:

- Microphone designed for surface mounting for remote recording and amplification of sound, conference, educational and other applications
- PivotPoint rotary connection jack® cable guidance from the back or bottom of the microphone
- excellent resistance to acoustic coupling by eliminating the influence of sources outside the axis of characterization
- UniGuard® provides excellent resistance to radio interference
- UniSteep high-pass ® ensures noise elimination without affecting sound quality
- UniPoint small diameter microphone capsule® phase distortion and provides clear, high-quality sound
- heavy casting housing and silicone anti-slip base minimize vibration penetration into the microphone capsule
- low-profile housing equipped with anti-reflective black coating provides a discreet form
- Can be powered by battery or phantom voltage BuyU851A on www.audiotechnica.pl

The set includes:

- microphone audio-technica U 851 A
- 7.6 m long cable with 3.2 mm diameter, 2-wire shielded with TA3F plug
- soft transport case
- AT8531 power module with battery

Technical data:

Transducer typecontinuously polarized, capacitive
Frequency30 - 20000 Hz
Open circuit sensitivityphantom: -40 dB (10.0 mV) / 1V / 1 Pa
Battery: -41dB (8.9mV) / 1V/1 PaBuy U851A on www.audiotechnica.pl
Impedancephantom: 200 Ohm
battery: 270 Ohm
Maximum input levelphantom: 133 dB SPL / 1 kHz / 1% THD
battery: 123 dB SPL / 1kHz / 1% THD
Maximum dynamicsphantom: 111 dB, 1 kHz at max. Spl
battery: 101 dB 1 kHz before max SPL
Signal/noise ratio72 dB, 1kHz, 1 Pa
Phantom power / battery11-52 V, 2 mA / 1.5V AA
Correction modeshigh-pass filter on / off
Microphone dimensionslength: 108 mm, width: 84 mm, height 23 mm
The dimensions of the module.length: 84 mm, width: 63 mm, height 22 mm
Weight (microphone/module)244 / 139 g
ConnectorXLR-3 male pin
Optional microphone capsulesUE-H - hypercardioid 100 st.
EU-O - circular 360 st.

Full description from the manufacturer's website

Offering outstanding audio-technica sound for surface-mount applications, the U851A features a PivotPoint® rotating output connector, UniSteep® filter and UniGuard® RFI-shielding technology. This battery- or phantom-powered condenser microphone accepts interchangeable condenser elements - available for boundary microphones in cardioid, hypercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns. Its heavy die-cast case and silicon foam bottom pads minimize coupling of surface vibration to the microphone. With superior off-axis rejection and maximum gain-before-feedback, this professional microphone sets audio-quality standards in challenging acoustic environments.

  • Designed for surface-mount applications such as high-quality sound reinforcement, professional recording, television, conferencing and other demanding sound pickup situations
  • PivotPoint® rotating output connector allows cable to exit from either the rear or the bottom of the microphone
  • Superior off-axis rejection for maximum gain before feedback
  • UniGuard® RFI-shielding technology offers outstanding rejection of radio frequency interference (RFI)
  • UniSteep® filter provides a steep low-frequency attenuation to improve sound pickup without affecting voice quality
  • Small-diameter UniPoint capsule near boundary eliminates phase distortion and delivers clear, high-output performance
  • Heavy die-cast case and non-slip silicon foam bottom pads minimize coupling of surface vibration to the microphone
  • Low-profile design with low-reflectance black finish for minimum visibility
  • Operates on battery or phantom power

  • Item: Fixed-charge back plate, permanently polarized condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Half-cardioid (cardioid in hemisphere above mounting surface)
  • Frequency Response: 30-20,000 Hz
  • Low Frequency Roll Off: 80 Hz, 18 dB/octave
  • Open Circuit Sensitivity: Phantom: -40 dB (10.0 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa Battery: -41 dB (8.9 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa
  • Impedance: Phantom: 200 ohms Battery: 270 ohms
  • Maximum Input Sound Level: Phantom: 133 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D. Battery: 123 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D.
  • DYNAMIC Range: Phantom: 111 dB.1 kHz at Max SPL Battery: 101 dB, 1 kHz at Max SPL
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 72 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa
  • Phantom Power Requiremens: 11-52V DC, 2 mA typical
  • Battery Type: 1.5V AA/UM3
  • Battery Current Life: 0.4 mA / 1200 hours typical (alkaline)
  • Switch: Off, on-flat, on-roll-off
  • Cable: 25.0' (7.6 m) long (permanently attached to microphone), 0.13" (3.2 mm) diameter, 2-conductor, shielded cable with TA3F-type connector
  • Accessories: AT8531 power module; battery; soft protective pouch
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U 851A