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FENDER G-DEC3 THIRTY guitar combo

G-DEC 30
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The G-DEC ® is a teacher and amplifier in one!
Built-in performance processors, drum pads, bass lines, sampler, looper, tuner and MIDI interface.
That's all you need and more?

It's a fascinating, great-sounding 30 Watts guitar amplifier.
We equipped it with a 10-inch speaker and tweeter tweeter, digital
amplifier models for every play style and effects panorama
Special. Create your own arsenal of guitar sounds. Then experience
fantastic opportunities to play with your G-DEC oven,
thanks to 100 recorded on-board tracks - many created by
session eaters working in recording studios from Los Angeles
to London and from Nashville to New York (over the colours and backing
Fendera G-DEC 3 was worked here by artists such as Eric Johnson, Dweezil Zappa,
Gary Hoey, Sepultura, Anthrax and many others).
Want a 100% metal amplifier? Is 100%
Blues? It's up to you. Included software
FENDER FUSE allows you to connect your amplifier to your computer
and streamline it by uploading new backing tracks, editing and memorizing
parameters, as well as exchange files with other users – members of the
fuse FENDER community.

*The 30-watt G-DEC Thirty also includes additional features:
loading and playing MP3 and WAV files, SD card slot,
Ableton Live Lite 8 FENDER Edition software for registering your own
tracks, AmpliTube software FENDER LE for exercise
and record to your computer using classic Fender sounds.


*Model name - G-DEC® 3 Thirty
*Series - G-DEC 3
*Power - 30W
*Speakers - 1 Special Design 10" 8 Ohm, 1 Hi-Frequency Tweeter
*Channels - 1 channel - 100 presets
*Analog controllers - Guitar Tone, Band Level, Volume.
*Digital controllers - Start-Stop, Quick Access, Tap/Tuner, Phrase
Sampler, Display Screen, Soft Keys, Save, Exit/Utility Mode
*Display - large and easy to read 60 x 30 mm
*Coverage - Black vinyl
*Weight - 12.4 kg
*Dimensions - 21.6 cm, 42.5 cm, 41.3 cm
*Special features Presets and accompaniments created by the world's
guitar stars and their bands to play together with the biggest
virtuosos around the world.
*Save and play mp3 and wav formats.
*100 factory presets with the ability to change and save
each of them.
*USB port for recording and connecting to computer and editing presets
the included fuse FENDER software.
*USB cable included.
*SD card slot for unlimited preset saving,
accompaniments and recordings and for easy data transfer between
memory of the computer and amplifier.
*Built-in sampler with multiple overtime up to
registered loop and exportable.
*Chromatic tuner on board.
*Stereo line-outs.
*Second guitar input on the back panel.

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G-DEC 30