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Hohner Unser Lieblinge 6196/28 Octavage Harmonica

Unser Liebli


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HOHNER Unser Lieblinge 6196/28 Octavage Harmonica

Octaves harmonicas - unlike diatonic harmonicas, one channel has four holes containing one reed. In each such "channel" there are two pairs of reeds, the first of which is used to extract sound by inhalation (exhalation), the second by sucking, or inhaling.

In octave harmonica, the reeds are tuned in pairs in octave, which means that on each channel we get two sounds at the same time, differing exactly by one octave, i.e.: C and CI, D and DI. Etc.
By applying such an outfit, we get the impression that two instruments play simultaneously, the sound is fuller, de facto more like the sound of an accordion than a simple accordion. This type of instrument is therefore more likely to be used to play folk melodies, such as Polka, Christmas carols. He's unlikely to be seen in the blues.

Quantity: 28;
Material: Brass;
Thickness: 0.9mm;
Comb: maple wood
Length: 11.5 cm
Tone produced: C

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