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EVER PLAY EVG 15R Guitar Combo

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EVER PLAY EVG 15R Guitar Combo

Very solidly made and great sounding combo. A small "predator" for use at home (late night hours – phone out headphone output, on trial.
A very diverse equalization system will allow you to create your sound in a wide way: the basic functions are regulated by treble, middle and bass potentiometers. In addition, you can monitor the sound sensitivity by setting the GAIN potentiometer and switching the NORMAL/OVER DRIVE channels
When there is a need for a more chady "existence" you use the function of OVER DRIVE, very well talking przesteru!!! In addition, the built-in reverberation effect amplifier has 15W power (8 inch speaker). For really little money you can buy a stove, of which you will surely be very pleased!

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