american dj LED Flat Par CWWW9 LED headlight

Flat Par CWWW9



- Very bright lying low profile PAR reflector equipped with 9 x 3W white LEDs ( 4 x "CW" cold white and 5 x "WW" warm white)

- Ideal for stage where low heat emission is mousse

- Low-profile housing design

- Connecting the power supply and DMX signal on the side panels of the device, this allows you to freely position the device on the

- Wireless control up to 4.5m with ADJ LED RC controller (sale as accessories)

- 3 DMX modes: 3, 4 or 5 channel mode

- 6 operating modes: DMX; dimmer color mode; White modes Color dimming mode Sound Active; Auto Run

- Soft color mixing

- Equipped with macro colors

- Strobe effect

- Electronic dimming: 0-100%

- Lighting angle: 40degrees

- Connection: 3-pin XLR

- 4 buttons next to the display to operate the menu

- Double headband allows you to freely place the device on the ground

- IEC AC input/output for serial connections

- Safety hook on the back panel

- Equipped with filter frame

- Can work all night without the need for cooling!

- Long life of LEDs, estimated at 50,000hours

- Maximum power consumption: 30W

- Color temperature: 3000°K – 6000°K

- Voltage: AC 90V-240V 50/60Hz

- Dimensions (Length x Width x High): 272 x 230 x 105mm

- Weight 2.80kg

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Flat Par CWWW9