american dj LED PAR 64 PRO 1/4W black reflector par 64 LED

LED PAR 64 PRO 1/4W black



- High-power LED headlight with RGB color system

- 181 , 10mm high power 250mW LEDs

- Digital display for easy addressing and searching functions

- Auto-off display

- Light beam angle :20°

- DMX 512 (USITT)

- 3 and 6 channel mode

- Refresh rate: 400Hz

- Very even projection on walls with a rich color palette from mixing red, green and blue

- Dimmer 0-100%

- Low power consumption

- Long LED life

- Very low heat and UV emission, excellent for illuminating scenes where traditional headlights emit too much heat

- Smooth color change

- Suspension holder included

- Dimensions: 375mm x 280mm x 260mm

- Weight: 2.8kg

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LED PAR 64 PRO 1/4W black