Ivory II Grand Pianos - Synthogy - sound library

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Ivory II Grand Pianos:
77 Gigabytes of Grand Piano Sampli:
- Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand
- Steinway D Concert Grand
- YAMAHA c7 Grand
(each can be installed separately)

Ivory II Grand PianosKup

Up to 18 dynamic layers with Sample Interpolation Technology for natural sound
Harmonic Resonance Modeling to improve string resonance
32-bit DSP and Sample Playback engine designed specifically for piano sound playback
Sustain Resonance DSP for realistic pedal response
Digital Effects: Real Ambience, Chorus and EQ
User-enforceable parameters: Timbre, Stereo Width and Perspective, Velocity Response, Mechanical Key Noise, Lid Position, Tuning Tables, and more
Correction "Timbre Shifting", Parametric EQ and new Synth Layer control
Tuned and adjusted by experts in world studios and concutrous halls
All 88 keys individually blended into 18 dynamic layers (plus Bösendorfer's extended low octavy)
Real samples of key release, Soft Pedal and pedal mechanism
PAD synthesizer layer for modern combination
Lots of user presets

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