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Xeos PixelWash MH movable LED head 1 pc


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XEOS PIXELWASH MH – Wash mobile heads, based on LED technology.

The latest LED technology based on 1 Watt LEDs was used to build a very fast, small moving head. This device belongs to the WASH family of heads, that is, it emits a wide stream of light.

Like classic smart devices, pixelwash MH is fully controlled by DMX signal – this means that color changes, Strobo effect, motion and other available effects are controlled from the lighting console, just like with "standard", large, smart heads.

Thanks to its features, PixelWash MH is a great complement to other stage lighting devices. In combination with classic heads and LED floodlights e.g. Stripled PRO creates the perfect stage set for small and medium-sized events.
For large installations, it can be used as an illuminating and complementary function.

Of course, like all LED devices, it retains the features of this technology. The main advantages are very low power consumption fluctuating around 50 Watts as well as low heat output.
PixelWash MH is the first smart LED head we have decided to include in our offer, however, watching it at work we are sure that not the last.

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