HK-AUDIO ConTour Array Series Active Concert Loudspeakers



HK-AUDIO ConTour Array Series active concert loudspeakers

1. COLUMN CTA 208 Mid/High

Design and design

The upper and lower walls of the CTA 208 Mid/High column are inclined at an angle of 4.5. Black, waterproof lacquer covers 18mm plywood. The column slope selection for the user is 0 or 9. Behind the metal grill are two profiled tubes serving four 1" CTA 208 drivers weighing 29kg. Its width is 51cm, the height is 52.5cm and 34.6cm deep (including suspension hooks). Two handles on the sides make it easy to assemble and carry. Fully integrated suspension brackets include two quick-click pins and three handles, two on the sides and one on the back.

Electrical and acoustic data

The CTA 208 column contains two 8" conical speakers and four tweeter B&C drivers with contoured tubes. The internal crossover operates at a frequency of 2kHz and supports drivers through special acoustic lenses. The entire CTA 208 column has a nominal power of 500 Watt RMS at 8 Ohm impedance. It is able to issue 105dB (1W@1m) of sound pressure, measured in half conditions. The maximum SPL measured under the same conditions on one meter is 134dB at 10% THD. THE CTA 208 emits horizontal sound at 100. The response frequency defines the range of 95Hz to 19kHz (+/-3 dB).


The slots are protected against damage on the back panel of the column. One Speakon NL4 slot is available. The pin assignment is pin1+ = mid/high +, 1- = mid/high -.

1.1 CTA 208 Specifications

A professional two-way system with cylindrical waveform technologies is designed to emit linear sound with compatible waves over the entire frequency range. The specially constructed column contains two 8" speakers for this purpose. The vertical emission range depends on the number of columns connected to the set.

The case is made of 15/18mm plywood coated with black lacquer. Integrated handles allow you to set the column at an angle of 0 and 9 when hanging it.

The integrated tilt system allows you to set the column at an angle of 3 or 11 when the columns are standing on the ground. The impact-resistant black grill is mounted on the front.

The active SUBWOOFER CTA 118 Sub is equipped with an integrated DDO-Pro controller.. The response frequency of the CTA 208 (+/-3 dB) column is the 95Hz to 19kHz range. The axial frequency is 105dB measured inhalf-life at @1W/1m.
The maximum SPL measured under the same conditions at two columns of CTA 208 is 134dB at 10% THD. Each column has a nominal power of 500 Watt RMS at 8 Ohms.

Connection: 1 Speakon NEUTRIK NL4

Dimensions (SxWxG): 51 x 52.5 x 34.6 mm

Weight: 29 kg

2.Column CTA 118 Sub

Design and design

The case is made of 18 mm plywood covered with waterproof black lacquer. A strong black laminated grill covered with acoustic foam protects the front of the column. The CTA 118 Sub weighs 59 kg. Its dimensions are 51 cm wide, 73cm high and 71cm deep. Three handles mounted in side panels allow easy transport and seedation; the recessed handle is located at the top of the column. All active systems are located in a separate chamber at the back of the column. Removable bracket protects electronic components and facilitates transport.

Electrical and acoustic data

The CTA 118 Sub column contains 18. Woofer. The nominal electrical power of the column is 700 Watts at 8 Ohm impedance. The sound pressure produced is 101dB(1W@1m), measured in half conditions. The maximum SPL measured under the same conditions on one meter is 130 dB at 10% THD. Column response frequency ranges from 42 Hz to fx (+/- 3dB). Two integrated PWM subwoofer amplifiers and mid/high columns deliver 1000W RMS power each.


The sockets are located on the back of the CTA 118 Sub column so that damage is difficult. 4 Speakon NL slots are offered. Pin assignment is 1+ = mid/high +, 1- = mid/high-. The Powercon main socket plugs in. female and male XLR ports are used to transmit the signal.

Two Ethercon NEUTRIK are used to manage several columns
CTA 118Sub.

CTA 208 Specifications

As a professional two-way subwoofer equipped with a DDO-Pro controller and a 1000W RMS PWMamplifier, the CTA 118Sub delivers a great response. Includes an 18" speaker mounted in a precision-tuned chassis.

Additional 1000W RMS amplifier PWM HK Audio CTA 208 or ConTour series column Series.

The rectangular housing is made of 18 mm plywood covered with black lacquer. The impact-resistant
front grill securely securely secures the speaker. Removable brackets protect electronic components and facilitate transport.

Crossover response frequency ranges from 42Hz (-3 dB) and 36 Hz (-10 dB). Maximum SPL in conditions is 130 dB at 10% THD.
Connections: 1 NL 4 Speakon output, 1 FEMALE XLR, 1 XLR Male, 2 Powercon, 2 RJ45 Ethercon
Dimensions (S x W x G): 51 x 73 x 71 cm
Weight: 59 kg



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