KLOTZ KIKC6.0PP5 Yellow guitar instrumental cable gold-gold-jack contacts 6 m

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KLOTZ KIKC6.0PP5 Yellow guitar instrumental cable JACK-JACK 6 m

The KLOTZ is well known to all guitarists. The manufacturer of some of the best cables on the market has been holding the level of leader for many years.

The kik series instrument cables from KLOTZ guitars and keyboards are known for their quality and attractive price. The technology developed KLOTZ this technology makes the connection of the cable and plug practically indestructible. In addition, the brass coating used in the KIK series ensures a long service life.

Using wires KLOTZ you can be sure that the sound of your instrument will not lose its naturalness and dynamics!

The KLOTZ company provides a 5-year warranty on its cables!!!


Length: 6.0 m
Product code: KIKC6.0PP3
Plugs: 2x straight jack 6.35mm
Cable thickness: 6.1mm
Cable cross-section: 0.22mm²
Capacity: 130 pF/m
Coating: PVC
Cable color: black
Plug color: yellow
Double plastic coating and copper spiral screen.

Made in Germany

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