Hohner Chromonica 40 chromatic harmonica

Chromonica 4


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HOHNER Chromonica 40 chromatic harmonica

This classic, versatile chromatic harmonica is readily used in all musical styles. Chromonica 40 sets the standard for chromatic harmonicas that have been produced and known for several decades. Loved by professionals - this is the instrument most often recommended by teachers, educators and masters of harmonica around the world. Its simple construction makes it financially available while being a compact and reliable instrument. The beautiful hand-crafted pear tree comb has been so optimized that it is able to convey the colour and reflect the instrument's response across its entire scale, from the velvety low bass octave to the bright and sheer upper octave.

Quantity: 40;
Material: Brass;
Thickness: 1.05 mm;
Comb: pear
Length: 12.3 cm
Tone produced: C

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Chromonica 4
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