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RC 300 BOSS Processor

Triple Mega Stereo Looper!

During the ongoing loop-maly in the world, BOSS is happy to present the most powerful Loop Station on the market - rc-300. The new flagship model features three synchronized stereo tracks with dedicated volume knobs and independent button playback control for each track. Additionally on board are professional effects, master pedal expression and a luxurious, ultra wide control panel for manipulating sound in a unique way while playing. Plug in your guitar, bass, keys or other instrument and create stunning loops in real time. The built-in XLR entrance with phantom also allows you to participate in playing singers, drums, violinists, beatboxers and other musicians with a microphoned instrument. The RC-300 records up to 3 hours along the way adding effects. The USB port allows you to save loops externally and import/export WAV files. Step into the most powerful and inspiring Looper ever BOSS. With such a powerful creative machine, musicians could only dream of it before.

- Three stereo tracks, each with dedicated foot switches and controllers
- Dedicated slider for each track
- Expression pedal to control real-time effects
- Up to three hours of recording in 99 on-board memory
- 16 on-board effects optimized for looping
- Phantom-powered XLR microphone input
- USB storage; import/export of WAV files

Triple Stereo Loops

Create, overlay, and manipulate multilayer loops with three paths in the RC-300, each of which can be controlled independently. The "Auto Recording" function starts recording when you start playing an instrument or shortly after you enter a signal from an external player. The puncture mode gives you a one-clock rhythmic pretact before recording. Undo/Redo can be used during work. With three hours of recording, there are no restrictions!

Extended Foot Control

The RC-300 ultra wide pedalboard is equipped with an expression pedal (which can be assigned to different parameters) and enlarged foot switches to control REC/PLAY and STOP for each track. There is also the main foot switch ALL START/STOP. In addition, three independent sliders allow you to directly control the volume of each track. And if that's not enough, you can connect additional expression pedals and foot switches (sold separately).

On-board FX

Process tracks and signals from outside with an on-board effects processor that includes Transpose, Flanger, Phaser, Modulator, vocal effects, and more. The dedicated LOOP FX foot switch can instantly activate on-board effects. To maintain full creativity on stage without using your hands, the effects parameters are controlled in real time by the expression pedal. To enhance creative capabilities, effects can be applied to each single track or to the entire mix.

Backing Rhythms and Preloaded Phrases

In order for the loops to be recorded equally at pace, you can play along with the built-in rhythmic runs from the RC-300 on-board library; Loop Quantize helps you loop the recording over time. On board there are dozens of rhythms in the style of rock, pop, shuffle, Latin and others. The dedicated knob allows you to adjust the volume of the rhythm, and the pace can be adjusted gradually or by a beat. You can also specify a meter. The type of rhythm and meter are remembered when the phrase is recorded. Instant joy after unpacking the RC-300 is guaranteed by preloaded backing tracks for stand-alone play (containing bass loops, piano parts, etc.).

USB communication

Connect the RC-300 to your computer with a typical USB cable and archive phrases outside for sure. Wav files can be imported and exported between the computer and the RC-300; 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV files up to 1.7 GB in size can be imported.


In addition to recording instrumental batches and turning them into played loops, you can also record other external stereo audio sources via AUX IN input.

- Nominal MIC input level: -50 dBu (variable), INPUT INST: -10 dBu (variable), INPUT AUX: -20 dBu (variable)
- INPUT MIC input impedance: 4 k, INPUT INST: 1 M, INPUT AUX: 47 k
- Nominal output level MAIN OUTPUT: -10 dBu, SUB OUTPUT: -10 dBu
- Output impedance 2 k
- Recommended load impedance 10 club greater
- Maximum recording/playback time: about 3 hours (stereo), maximum number of phrases in memory: 99, number of tracks: 3, data format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear, stereo)
- Types of effects Transpose, Flanger, Phaser, Pan, Tremolo, Slicer, Bend, Chorus, Robot, Female, Male, Gt->Bass, Filter, Delay, Lo-Fi, Distortion
- Types of rhythms 83
- USB Interface Hi-Speed USB (USB Mass Storage Class), Hi-Speed USB (USB-AUDIO)
- Track 1, TRACK 2, TRACK 3 sliders
- 7-segment display, 2 characters (LED), 16 characters and 2 lines (LCD with backlight)
- INPUT MIC connectors: XLR type (balanced/phantom power: DC 48 V, 10 mA), INPUT INST (L/MONO, R): 1/4" jack, INPUT AUX: Stereo mini jack, MAIN OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): 1/4" jack, SUB OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): 1/4" jack, PHONES: Stereo 1/4" jack, CTL 1.2/EXP 2: 1/4" TRS jack, CTL 3.4/EXP 3: 1/4" TRS jack, USB connector, MIDI connectors (IN/OUT/THRU) * MIDI synchronization is possible with another RC-300 or when RC-300 is set as master, DC IN power connector (DC 9 V)
- 9 V DC power supply (AC power supply)
- Current consumption 320 mA (DC 9 V)
- Dimensions 536 x 231 x 76 mm
- Weight 3.9 kg
- Owner's Manual accessories, AC adapter, USB plug
- Options (sold separately) foot switch (FS-5U, FS-6), expression pedal (EV-5(ROLAND), FV-500L, FV-500H)
* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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