Behringer V-AMP 3 guitar multi-effect

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Guitar processor


Latest generation guitar multi-effect with USB audio interface simulating up to 480 types of guitar sets.

Four brand new and 28 improved amplifier models multiplied by 15 speaker simulations give a total of 480 sounds of virtual guitar combos.


- USB audio interface, equipped with stereo input/output,
- optical S/PDIF output,
- direct monitoring and separate regulation for Phono,
- flyless recording of the guitar to the PC allows you to edit, monitor the sound of V-AMP 3 and its direct recording to the computer,
- studio-quality multi-effects including: Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Rotary, Auto-Wah, Echo, Delay,
- compressor and various combinations therem,
- 125 items in memory prepared for many popular styles and embedded in the acclaimed intuitive V-AMP user interface,
- Tap-Tempo function allowing real-time to adjust the speed parameters for the effect,
- the control of the frequency adjusts the high frequency filter, simulating the negative feedback of the tube amplifiers,
- bypass function of the preampli amplifier allowing you to use the device as a stereo effects processor without amplifier,
- Aux stereo inputs allow you to play together with pc, CD player, MP3 or drum machine, during exercise, study and home recordings,
- symmetrical stereo line-out can be configured for many applications and used in live recordings,
- adjustable auto-chromatic tuner and general configuration and correction capabilities seamlessly adapt V-AMP 3 to any situation outside the home recording studio,
- midi implementation includes programmable control modules and SysEx, allowing you to fully automate the MIDI port through free editing software under Windows for download from:,
- high-quality components and extremely durable design ensures a long service life,
- developed and designed by BEHRINGER Germany.

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