ZOOM G7.1ut multi-effect guitar processor

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ZOOM  G7.1ut multi-effect guitar processor

Includes Cubase LE on CD!

sampling rate of up to 96 kHz, as well as a 32-bit DSP
New FX DSP chip: ZFX-3 23 bit
Built-in Energizer Tube with 12 AX7A !!!
96 kHz Sampling, 24 bit A/D/A converter
36 Amp/Distortion Model and 92 Effects
MIDI In/Out & Aux In
frequency (20 Hz-40 kHz)
Hold Delay up to 5 Seconds
80 User and Factory Programme
Real-time Modulation of Expression Pedal up to 9 Effects simultaneously
Ultra Fast Patch Change < 5ms
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